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The Phantom Video

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Whatever happened to that one video with the ground shattering announcements? 😕

Either I dreamed it up, or Youtube deemed Ross standing in front of a sparking transformer and staring into your soul as hateful? 


Perhaps it was buried away on purpose, in which case I shall not reveal its contents, but good god. That soulful stare, that flowing hair, that short circuiting transformer....  Can't get any closer to a divine manifestation.


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Posted (edited)


This is embarrasing....


A few days ago, I went into the AF Youtube channel, and looked at the "videos" section.

For some reason, this video was staring at me at the top of the list:


Watched it, without checking the date or anything, and went on my way.  The next time I visited the channel, it was not there anymore. I assumed the thing had just been hidden or deleted.


Just now I looked into my search history, and discovered that the damned thing was several years old. 🤦‍♂️
I swear, the thing was sitting at the top of the video listings on the channel, so I assumed it was new!


Sorry for the commotion.....


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