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A small update on the graphics: I'm not an expert on this sort of thing by any means, but running the .0xx files through the visualization tool Veles made it seem like the .001 file contained a lot of bitmaps.

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On 2/10/2020 at 1:41 PM, TimberlAndRE said:

thx, do you also have a scan of the manual? ("Handbuch Installation - Steuerung")

Here you go

(If the survival of humankind one day depends on a scanner or printer, we all die.)

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Well... Considering how unforgiving this game turned out to be, I'm surprised that you didn't gave the award "curiosity killed the cat".


On 7/1/2019 at 4:13 PM, Schneider said:



But most importantly, of course: Maomi doesn't have to dump you at the end! The game has a, sort of, relationship status variable for Maomi, which increases, when you pick choices the game considers proper, and decreases when you pick the wrong choices. One wrong choice, for instance, is asking "How's Gusmar?" instead of asking "How are you?" when taking the three mirrors back to Sekamidoor. Another one is suggesting for her to leave the Cave World with you, instead of staying and finding the gleaming crystal. I don't know all the relevant conversation options, so I've not gotten it legitimately, but editing the byte at 0x465B to 0x0A and the one right after that to 0x00 in the save file should get you the good ending. (I've attached a save file where this has been done.)


About the card game: Yeah, that was weird. I've played that as well and it didn't have any multiplayer option, just a big singleplayer map with a lot of AI opponents to battle. And it's grindy as hell, unless you found the glitch, which allowed you to sell the same card infinitely many times. (That made the game a lot more fun.) It also has a strange campaign mode, which plays a bit like a text adventure, except with battles, which are fought using the card game. There is also an editor, which can use to create your own campaigns, but I haven't come across any fan creations.


The card game is based on the Höhlenwelt-Novels written by the game's writer, Harald Evers. (If you watch the credits again, you'll see his name more than one time.) My impression was that while they started out with some interesting concepts, they got pretty boring by the second book. There were going to be 3 "cycles" with 4 novels each, but Evers was only able to complete eight novels, as he died of a heart attack in 2006, at only 49.




Now that's some good information that's worty of a follow-up episode. So basically Ross got the bad ending. Then again, I can't blame him, the game is already cryptic enough, and the fact that it was machine translated made things even more wonky.

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