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The Vortigaunt on Water Hazard

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Freeman must absolutely make this encounter with the Vortigaunt, at least as a .5 type episode where he ends up forgetting about whatever the CIA wants him to to, and just lives his life in enlightenment with the Vortigaunt.  

at least in my opinion he should.. 

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I doubt it honestly. It's really off the beaten path, and To get to the Vort, you have to make a dash through a radioactive sewer tunnel, and knowing Ross's Freeman Character, he would never take such a risk. 

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Ah... Apart from the singing, I've heard all the lines from other Vorts... Must be because I never run unmodded anymore.

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Posted (edited)

An Easter Egg? Not as enticing as you might think.

Maybe instead of that he could have something extra concerning the other vorts.
He did do this back when he shot that first one.

Being jumpy as the character is, might not be a good idea...

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