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Two Obscure Internet Game Soundtracks

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I've uploaded the soundtracks to two obscure freeware games on YouTube. These were both made in Game Maker and uploaded to the old YoYo Games website.

They are "Assassin Blue" (Game by Greg "Banov" Lobanov, soundtrack by Jason "Prophecy" Covenant) and "Ark 22" (game by David "Srehopg" Smithson, soundtrack by Max "Hurtdeer" Peake).

Banov is around on social media, like Twitter, and Hurtdeer has an active Soundcloud.

As a final side note, Assassin Blue has a low-quality MIDI soundtrack also. It can't be downloaded, only ripped, but I didn't upload it. If people really want the low-quality version, I could get around to uploading it.


Assassin Blue: 

Ark 22:


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