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Games that you are happy made it into the Game List

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Just as a thought: Which games which you like, or also have in your personal list, made it into it?

In my case it's Alpha Storm, I found out its name again after finding an games magazine from maybe 99 or 98, in the Good&Cheap section...


I first read and wanted to play it when I was maybe seven, and only managed to find the magazine again a few days ago; You could say that despite not having played the game until just now I have quite a history with it, and "That one game with the psychic guy with blue hands" stuck out prominently in my memory.

As fir the game itself, it'd be a great fit for the Dungeon. It has an interesting mix of systems (You have RPG character progression, a set of powers that starts out large, a ship you can improve by stealing components from other ships, simplistic, pseudo AFK combat management that you have to do to board other ships and do the mentioned stealing, and a story to advance, and that's just from having played 30-ish minutes) and a dubiously moral protagonist fighting a seemingly even worse dark empire, and interesting aesthetics. Oh, and the manual straight up tells you to save up a big bomb to drop in the last boss. The tone made me think I wouldn't finish the game if I didn't have this.

I may play it more, the game has such an arrangement of systems that I was confused almost the entire time for a variety of reasons. Your ship has hidden passages that may or may not be of actual use and you have to find on your own, several attacks looked like just generic projectiles but had special effects when they hit enemies; This feels like the kind of thing I wouldn't feel fully in control until I have several hours in it.

So which games from the list did you already know and like, and why?

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Just from looking at the first page, DriftForce. I'm always looking for anti-grav racers that *actually* play like F-Zero, since it seems Nintendo is dead set on not making any more F-Zero games. Most ones I know of play more like Wipeout than F-Zero where your machine controls like a fat boat with grease all over it rather than the precision of F-Zero racing machines. I'll have to check it out later.


As for anything personal, I'll have to comb the list some more before finding anything I'm already a fan of.

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Posted (edited)

Space Haven, but I already knew about it. I don't even know how I found it.


Here are some of my personal "I gotta check these out" picks.





you play as the monster


Unfortunate Spacemen



has a starcraft \ alien swarm survival vibe


Consortium - The Tower



rpg with lots of dialogue choises


The Riftbreaker



made by the guys who made XMORPH DEFENSE (where you play as an alien invader, who can shoot down buildings, and the game itself, has actual proper physics destruction for the buildings themselves, you can laser cut them, and other cool things, i wonder if the new game is going to feature that system, it makes for a very chaotic but fun game)





grow humans and take care of a space base as a rogue AI





take photos of dog an explore a summer island resort





harry potter the videogame, in 2D? i don't know a lot about this, might be an RPG with magic as a focus





console exclusive racing game


Tonight We Riot



you play as the rioters (we need more of these)


I've got more but, these are the special picks for now. My list is too long, here's a buch more though (I don't know if these are good, I just want to check them out).


Iron Marines

Darksiders Genesis
Get To The Orange Door

Ready Or Not

Blazing Angels 2
Warhammer: Chaosbane


Starlink: Battle for Atlas
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
Everreach Project Eden
Into the Stars
Streets of Rogue
Blood Fresh Supply
Stuntmania Reloaded

Zero Ranger

Star Wars - Battlefront Classic


Frontline Zed
Plug & Play

Ion Maiden

Shakedown Hawaii
AI: The Somnium Files

Empire of Sin
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Multiplayer)
Age of Wonders: Planetfall



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Posted (edited)

Anyway for me at least, THERE ARE TOO MANY GAMES. We are so oversaturated. It's great that we have a lot of choices, but I honestly find myself, being dissapointed in most games I do end up checking out. I've actually gone back a little, to older games, and honestly, it feels like the ambition has often been dialed back in a lot of new stuff.


I played Prototype again, and that game has the most lively city I've ever seen in a videogame, Grand Theft Auto V has nothing on that game, it's almost embarassing to be honest. Some older games, like the Assassin's Creed games, are still just as boring as I remember them though. For Prototype I just made my own cheat engine table, to make the game more bearable to be honest.


I often wish some games could just get, that extra development time. I can always tell when, that something special is missing, which would make the game complete to me.


As far as rough diamons, I'll never stop recommending Binary Domain. It has a couple of minor issues, and it's criminally short, but I loved this game so much. Honestly, play it on the easiest difficulty, you might have the time of your life with it.



Those boring screenshots don't do the game justice at all. It's one of those games, where it actually gets better as you play it, seeing as, the more you play it, the more ridiculous the bosses get.

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I was glad Battlezone 98 Redux made the list... It's sad that mixing RTS and FPS in a game is so rarely done, considering how easy it really is to do in games.

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I hope you guys got that these aren't games he loves or has played already, this is more of a to do list, or a to be played list. I see a lot of people who seem to have taken the list the wrong way though. If it doesn't have a rating yet, then he didn't even play the game yet.

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As a Warframe fan, I find it kinda funny that Spacelords got in and Warframe didn't.


I understand that Ross has Ninja Fatigue and he may have played Warframe years ago when it was mediocre, but its exclusion alongside Planet Lords's very sparse entry is hilarious to me.

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Posted (edited)

I never realized but, I guess I also have Ninja fatigue. When I saw that game, I actually said pass, just because of the Ninja style.


Warframe didn't click with me though, because it's mainly an online game, it's a huge pass for me (I heard that it's also ultra grindy, it could be the greatest game on the planet, but, I don't even get to cheat past the grind? omega pass.)


I looked at Space Lords and... I don't know, it looks more futuristic, and everyone just looks more robots like than ninja like to me, I'll probably check it out.

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On 7/26/2019 at 9:33 AM, BTGBullseye said:

I was glad Battlezone 98 Redux made the list... It's sad that mixing RTS and FPS in a game is so rarely done, considering how easy it really is to do in games.

I never played nuclear dawn but I had an absolute blast playing natural selection 2. I also distinctly remember bf 2/2142 having a commander role that was sort of rts.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, a_coathanger said:

I never played nuclear dawn but I had an absolute blast playing natural selection 2. I also distinctly remember bf 2/2142 having a commander role that was sort of rts.

Nuclear Dawn was horribly balanced, one side would snow ball, until the other side would get spawn camped for the rest of the match, you didn't miss anything too special.


It was also ultra janky and really laggy most of the time. I enjoyed the game when everyone sucked at it, it's no fun at all with two competent teams though. Also most people are very elitist, it's impossible to play as the commander most of the time.


The RTS gameplay is also ultra unintuitive, and ultra slow paced. It was a pretty bad game, I had a good time, but I'm not surprised it died off.

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1 hour ago, a_coathanger said:

I also distinctly remember bf 2/2142 having a commander role that was sort of rts.

I dunno how BF2 did it, but in BF2142 you were both a soldier and the commander. You issued orders on the minimap, and called down superweapons/crate drops. Squad leaders just issued orders like is done in Planetside 2, and requested the superweapons and crate drops with an icon on the minimap. While it was very well done, (and if the commander was competent, extremely effective) it wasn't really an RTS style interface.

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I'm happy to see War Wind on there. I've played that game a whole ton and I still really like it a lot. Not sure what it is about the game I just really like it a lot. I think War Wind 2 wasn't nearly as good though. Not surprised it didn't make the list since they shoehorn humans into the mix. With that said I still want to actually finish war wind 2 one day.

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Death Road to Canada. Super underrated, and yet super fun. Don't know why there aren't more people playing it. It's unique, not another grim and soulless cliche zombie game. One of my absolute favorites.

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