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Don't buy it, really, don't do it. It's a trilogy of games. Wait for all three to come out.

Otherwise, you are going to be ultra dissapointed, when things start to pick up, when suddenly, the game will end on you, not even three hours in.

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It just sort of ends on a cliffhanger. The main draw is going back and replaying it to see all of the story's hidden secrets but without a satisfying conclusion it doesn't feel worth doing that. I get the desire to have a franchise but it could have still worked if the story was self-contained.

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Well, I enjoyed this game. It's kinda part detective part social drama placed in an original setting (on a futuristic plane). Yes, it's not finished, but I think it has some originality and art value in it.

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I liked it. It has some big issues, but it does some pretty interesting things. I particularly liked the murder mystery sidequest that you're left to solve entirely on your own and which changes the ending based on whether you got it right (or at all). A sequel to this is in development that carries on with the outcome of the first game and plays more similarly to Deus Ex. I've heard you can talk your way through the entire game, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

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