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Out There: Ω Edition

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I like the other developer’s game, “Void and Meddler”, which has a fantastic soundtrack and quite realistic cyberpunk setting.


But this one feels too plain and repetitive. It’s like FTL but without the combat part.

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this game has way too much emphasis on getting lucky dice rolls than it should. you dont make interesting choices, instead you run out of resources and die.

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i played it on my phone and i thought it was boring as hell lol, it was just RNG RNG, is the pc version better? like i wanted to play the game but, i basically never got anywhere since i either ran out of resources, or i just, died


i got out there from humble bundle so i thought, meh why not, i also played sonic cd on android


also i now hate sonic cd xD



out there is one of those games i want to play just to see what it has to offer, but the gameplay is such a huge contrast to everything, compared to the presentation, and i really want to see more aliens, more worlds, it's so painfully difficult man lol, even for a phone game


okay this feature was NOT in the phone game, it was WAY MORE HARDCORE




apparently it leaves your dead space ships behind, so this might actually make the game easier or more bearable


also the PC version has an easy mode?


okay i gotta play the omega version, i assumed it was just another mobile to pc port but they made the game easier?

and i'm not going to complain, the game was horseshit on android, i'll check it out on easy, don't care, i have no shame


plus i can cheat now too if i want to


see i played this on my phone, and i had a horrible impression of it, but on pc?

i basically have no excuse, to NOT cheat, even if it's still bullshit


if i enjoyed it i'll come back to post about it, maybe it's more fun with cheats


i don't shy away from mobile games, i believe that great games can be on any platform, i just gotta find them, but this game was beyond unfair on android

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