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Project Eden

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Don't let the screenshots or "action" label fool you, environmental puzzles are the focus of this game, with some third-person shooting mixed into it.


I personally needed to refer to a walkthrough every now and then as sometimes it was confusing how to interact with certain objects (perhaps what happened to the above poster ^). The sci-fi under-city slum/industrial setting this game has as well as it's level design are IMO it's strong points. It feels like there is a decent amount to them as there are often cramped, hard to reach nooks and crannies throughout them that you need to use drones to access. I'm not going to write a whole review here so I'll stop and say that it's certainly worth a look. Just don't go in expecting the shooter experience you may at first have thought it to be.

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Got this for PS2 back in the day, basically a game trying to be multiple games in one; horror, shooter, and puzzler.


As a horror game it falls flat on it's face.  Whenever a squad member dies (even if the entire team is wiped) they get sent back to the last 'regen point' where they can regenerate back to full health and (with one notable exception) get full ammo.  The skytrain level is the only exception, where you could get into an unwinnable situation where you have a regen point, no ammo, and need to jump start a generator (with ammo/energy) to continue.


As a shooter it tries some interesting ideas, but doesn't seem to know what to do with them.  At one point you get a ricocheting disk launcher where the disks explode on impact with enemies.  It serves no real function that the grenades you get in level 2 can't manage, and enemies are not clever or tough enough to warrant using heavy weapons.  Also multiplayer has lots of environmental hazards, which while fun to use, don't count toward your kills but instead count as enemy suicides.


But as a puzzle game Project Eden manages to make up for most of it's other shortcomings.  Imagine a 3d version of The Lost Vikings, with four playable characters.  Andre can repair broken machines, Minoko can hack electronics, Amber's heavy cyborg body can ignore environmental hazards, and Carter... has higher security clearances and can interview people.  Unfortunately the 3d environments are a bit too big and complicated, often tucking some needed puzzle element above, below, or around some awkward corner just out of sight.


Side note: I've always wondered what would happen if four people tried playing this at the same time in co-op.  I played it with a friend back in high school, and even though you're not allowed to friendly fire, we found plenty of other ways to troll each other.  Just make sure the biggest troll doesn't play as Amber, or there will be blood.


tl,dr: interesting game but rough, find a strategy guide or expect to wander around a lot

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Game had it's flaws but it was still fun, it sucks it didin't get a chance to get a sequel.

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