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The Fall

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Mhh mhh! Absolutely fantastic game, albeit more of a sidescrolling puzzle adventure than a platformer. The game starts with a slow burn, but gives you a simple goal that keeps you moving forward through a story that just gets more tense the more diversions you're forced to confront. Sure, some of the puzzles along the way can get a tad convoluted, but pretty much everything stays somewhat reasonable (i.e. crush the baby with the tube to stop it from crying, but don't shoot it).

It ends in quite a satisfying way that also leaves you with enough questions to get excited for an already released sequel. In my opinion, both are well worth their time, and personally I can't wait for the third part in the trilogy.


Little sidenote, it's also available on the Nintendo Switch.


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I remember dropping this one, but my memory on it mostly a blur now, I remember not liking it very much though.

Something about it just pissed me off. I think, how you do things, wasn't very clear, and I think some of the puzzles were starting to piss me off.

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Quit interesting and atmospheric piece. I liked the concept and, being an episode, it actually tells a complete story. The combat part is meh though. The puzzles are fine (compared to usual quest level of insanity)

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