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Hey there,


Tonight I've been busy subbing Ep 30, in order to translate it in French.


It is more painstaking than I anticipated, so right now I only have less than 2 minutes done.


Anyway, here it is. I'll keep this post updated with new material as it comes. Feel free to comment what you see.


Note: Whereas syncing seemed OK in Subtitle Edit 3.1, when I checked with VLC, I found the beginning to be quite a bit off. What do you think?


EDIT 1 ******************************************


Okay, so here are another 2 minutes or so. Thanks to Subtitle Edit's waveform view, the pace has picked up a bit, although I didn't work too long tonight.


There are some phrases I'm pretty sure are correct, though not 100% sure, so if you see something wrong, I'd be glad to know.


Plus there is this line at 3:56 which I don't fully get. The verb is obscure to me. Il anybody could help, it'd be great!


It goes a little something like this:

One of those shots [???] a shade
off my collar!


EDIT 2 ******************************************


Some more work done tonight, I now have 2 more minutes ready for you. 2 minutes per night seems to be my cruise speed for now.


Anyway, I corrected some minor stuff I did not hear right on the first pass, and solved my previous verb problem with the help of cwook and Ross (thanks guys)


I you spot anything phony, just let me know.


EDIT 3 ******************************************


Well here is the completed version. I believe it is correct but it direly need peer reviewing, if you guys would be so kind.


FYI, I will start on working on the french translation tomorrow.




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trankzen: I advise against using VLC for subtitles, it doesn't seem to handle them properly, especially with overlapping lines. Also, cwook's transcription is correct for that line.

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cwook: Ah thanks a bunch, I really didn't got that right!


Ross: Stupid french technology Okay I'll use something else to check before releasing. Any suggestion for a player with decent subtitle support? MPC? Bs Player maybe? Thanks.



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you could try kmplayer. that's what i use to play videos with subtitles

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I use SMPlayer which is very similar to VLC... You can adjust the delay, as well as location and size of the subtitles. It's a really good player in general. I'm not sure how it handles overlapping lines, though.

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Hey thanks for those suggestions, I'll be looking into that.


In the meantime I could do some more work tonight, so I updated the first post.

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Okay so Ep 30 is covered. A WIP it is no more. I've updated the first post and posted the tentative final version for reviewing.




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