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I had this idea after Ross asked me if I'd personally like to add more games to the list. Problem is that, I haven't gotten a response from him yet, so I've decided to take the initiative, and in the meantime, I've decided to setup a thread, with any games which look interesting to me from the screenshots alone at a first glance.


I just keep finding more games I want to try out, that's all this is here for mostly. But instead of this just being my list, feel free to post your own pickings too.


I don't think all these games will fit with Ross's PC only requisite though, seeing as, I'm more open to emulation, and I'm more open to other platforms. He did feature an emulated Android game on PC, so, maybe I just misunderstood? I don't know, I can't remember, I'll post console games I'm looking into also, because why not.


Bear in mind that, I'm a thousand times more picky than Ross, so while the screenshots might look interesting to me, I might just, get my hands on the game, and I might just end up hating it in the first five minutes. I'm surely not picky about trying new games out though, but I've been spoiled by all the good games to be honest. I'm not into older games as much though, and I'm more into actiony stuff, but I'll try to have some variety.


Anyway, feel free to post any games which you randomly stumbled across on the internet. This is just for, any game you'd like to check out, for reasons.





Looks like a cozy game, in hell. I don't know why I have the urge to check this game out, but, sure, why not.


Jupiter Hell



Is this turn based? Please don't be turn based. It's probably turn based, they are standing in a grid. Ugh, why.

It's more hell, in Jupiter. Kinda bland looking environments, but, I can give this a shot. Why turn based though, such a shame.


WarHammer 40,000 : Mechanicus



You know, most WarHammer based games are, I'll be honest, bad. But the presentation on this, is way above average.

It looks like another turn based game, but, I don't know, I want to give this one a try.


Space Haven



I'm ultra hyped for this one, after the failure that was SpaceBase DF-9, this is a game, which has the potential of filling a huge gap for me.


WarHammer : Chaos Bane



Normally I hate RPG games, but something about this looks really cool.





You fight giant monsters in pretty graphics. It has some nice colors, I'm sold.

Color tinting in some of the screenshots is a huge turn off though, if the game's any good, I hope that can be turned off. It ruined Age of Empires 3 for me.


Bum Simulator



I don't watch trailers usually, but you should watch the trailer, it's hilarious.


Ace Combat 7



I'm cheating, I've already played this one, and also, normally I hate this type of color correction, but this game was really fun.

An action arcade flight game, very fun on a controller, the controls are easy to pick up, and blowing stuff up feels good.


This game deserves a special award, for how well the soundtrack is timed during some sequences, I don't want to spoil it, it was really good.

Ace Combat 7 is a diamond of a game, I 100% recommend this one, if you like planes of any kind. I think most people will love it otherwise.


It has a few minor problems, but I still really liked the game to be perfectly honest, it's like going back to the PlayStation 2 era for me.


Here's a song from the VR missions, most of you guys are not going to play these, so I can spoil the music from this mission, as you won't hear it normally otherwise.


The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe




Comedy exploration game, where you actively piss off a desperate narrator, who attempts to create a game for you to follow, as you break everything apart, with some actual choices you can make.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare



I liked this way more than I should've have, also the graphics sometimes are mind blowing, considering that this is the quake engine, the damn thing runs at 120 - 200 FPS, and some scenes are just, mindblowing to me - after you get past the slow sequences, the game got pretty ballsy to be honest.


It tends to slow down a bit too much for my tastes though, the flow itself wasn't great, but it was pretty fun overall.


Oh, it's a shooty, dooty game. Pew pew.


Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare



A bit more tedious than the other one, but I had a pretty good time. Again, some of the action sequences in this game, will make Micheal Bay cry in shame.

I wish they could've made the jet animations skippable though, and all the ship missions are copy pasted.


You can honestly skip all the extra missions, they are not really worth doing. I'm saving you some time. If you were like me, you probably enjoyed shooting the baddies with the shotgun in the face a bit too much. This game is a blast on the easiest difficult, with the shotgun, I'll give it that, this game has an ultra satisfying to use shotgun.




Game itself is kinda bad, but, not for the reasons you probably think it is, it's one of those games, where you have to see by yourself to sorta get what I mean.

Gunplay's good though, I'll give it that, but it tends to copy paste the space ship gimmick a lot, for no real reason.


I think this game is 200% more futuristic that the other one, and the game does sorta reedem itself near the end, I won't spoil it.


Overall, it's a 50 / 50 on both games, it's fun to play through once, but yeah they got flaws.


Call of Duty : World War 2



I know that it's popular to shit on this game, but I had a good time, it was fairly entertaining, gunplay was very fun too actually.

If you want a quick time killer, and if you've got nothing to play at all, check this one out. Works great for that.


Press F to Call of Duty. It's dead, no more Call of Duty.


Hey how about some more...


WarHammer 40,000 : Inquisitor - Martyr



Who's making all these WarHammer games? This one looks kinda mediocre to be honest. I don't know what genre this is, it looks like a game.

Yeah that checks out.





I don't like RPG games, but come on, look at these goofballs.




CARRION (Holy Shit, Please Don't Suck)



See that red blob of death? That's you.

This looks really fucking cool, and I can't wait to play it. Genre? Uhh.... red... and big... I think.








Real Game (Untitled Goose Game)



You play as an asshole goose. I mean, that's redundant. You play as an asshole. I mean goose.


Phoenix Point



i'l itrawot beuthr emuar etihehg okgz zorgnri

Sorry I got possessed just smashed my keyboard there for a second. That's not normal, it doesn't happen usually.


This game is cursed, it has the turn based combat curse. WHYYY.





I've already played the first one, I gotta check out the sequel. I just can't say the name of this game normally anymore, what's wrong with me.

I also use the word "normally" a bit too much, that's not norm- that's no good. Nope. Oh yeah videogames.



(trying to follow the lyrics)






You angrily shoot angry motherfuckers, while angry fuckers angrily shoot you in your own fucking angry face.

What do you fucking mean it's the wrong fucking game? Shit, IT IS THE WRONG FUCKING GAME. I MADE A FUCKING MISTAKE, I'M FUCKING SORRY.


Void Bastards



Ah... this looks like a very relaxing game. Wait a minute, did I get the two games mixed up? Oh no.

Uhh... please do carry on.


Armed to the Gears



Who doesn't like giant robots? And probably fake Nazi Robots. IN THE FUTURE.




Trauma Team (Wii)



You play as a doctor. Literally, an actual surgeon doctor. I'm not kidding, I'm not posting screenshots.


Trauma Center - New Blood (Weeeeeeeeeeee) (OH GOD THERE'S SCREENSHOTS)







Parasite Eve 3 (PSP - Why? Because Screw You)



WAIT THEY MADE ANOTHER ONE??? Uh... shoot the giant monsters before they eat the city. Oh and you of course.

No wait I said less murder, not more, dammit. Oh yeah and lot's of people die very gruesomly, probably. Egh.


I mean it's Parasite Eve. It's probably a given considering this scene.

Hey don't forget RIFE RIEN. PRAYSTATION. Okay enough 4pp references, I'm the only who gets those.



Hey that's my reaction when I stumble on Nintendo DS games.





What? You don't spontaneously combust? Amateur.


I'll add more as I recall them. Feel free to post yours. I'll also post games I've already played, as filler, and because I'll just end up losing them otherwise.

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Jupiter Hell is the spiritual successor to Doom RL. (RogueLike/Lite). That was turnbased, but you could cycle through it so quickly it didn't really matter, and I'm glad Jupiter Hell got the cash to take off.


Pupperazzi looks like nice, relaxed fun. A few games are coming out now like that like Ooblets, Knights and Bikes?, a farming game, and that goose game. 

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Posted (edited)

The Neverhood (PlayStation 1)



I'm not sure what genre this is, but I always wanted to play it since I was a kid. All the characters in the game are animated with clay.


Skull Monkeys or The Neverhood 2 (PlayStation 1)



Sequel to the neverhood? It reminds me of Odd World.





Some game set in space, I played it but didn't like it much. I should check if it got updated again. Very economics based, combat a bit rigid. Maybe things changed since I last played it, it has been a while.


Chibi Robo (GameCube)



I have no idea what you do in this game, but I want to play it.


Midtown Madness 3 (XBOX)



Racing game where you cause a lot of chaos. Probably.


SCP Unity Remake



Some horror game apparently, with big scary paranormal monsters. Graphics looks nice.


Greed Fall



No idea what this is about, looks like an RPG game of some kind.





Shoot the pixels off giant monsters. That tiny triangle is probably you.


Ravenfield (Early Access)



It's like Battlefield, but with paintball guns.





You got a squad. You gotta kill. Probably.


Exanima (Early Access)



This one looks really cool, and ultra immersive. Gotta keep your eyes on this one.


Plug & Play








I can't really tell what's going on, but those are space ships, in space.


AI: The Somnium Files



It has AI in it, apparently, don't get many of those. Not a fan of the style, but who knows. Hopefully it's not horrible.


HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed (Early Access)



The childhood game everyone always wanted. You play as actual life sized toys in this one. Could be very fun or very bad.





Mhhhh... I can't quite put my finger, on where I've seen this befo- It's Command and Conquer. It's literally Command and Conquer. Yep.


The Bonfire - Forsaken Lands



Really boring looking art style, but it might be cozy. Some kind of strategy, surival game. In the snow.





Very old school looking adventure game. The point and click kind, not the explory around kind.

How old school you ask? Well...




That's the very first thing you see, when you go on the Steam forums for this game. IT'S OLD SCHOOL OKAY.


Starway Fleet





Rayman 2



I bet you weren't expecting this one. Fight dumb robot pirates. Save your friends. Destroy the fairies, I mean save the fairies.


Rayman 3



Wow the graphics sure got a huge upgrade. That lighting is gorgeous. This is such a pretty looking game. I'm melting.

Probably an adventure game. Not the point and clicky kind, the punch in the face people kind.





You play as a police officer, and you are gonna beat some punk ass up.

Hey did you know Bungie made this game. Yes the guys who made Halo. Yes the guys who made Destiny.




Hey did you know, Rockstar Games published this game? Yes the Grand Theft Auto guys.

I'm sorry what was that, you said that you want to listen to the music? Sure, here you go.



Sadly the controls and the combat tend to be finnicky. I recommend cheating for this one. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE CHEATS.


Taz Wanted



Possibly the coziest game on the planet. For a PlayStation 2 era game, these graphics are fucking mindblowing. Gorgeous.



Joint Task Force



RTS game where you can hijack any random vehicles if you really want to.


Soldiers: Heroes of World War II



Pretty hardcore RTS game, where you can control units, shoot enemies, and every enemy has its own inventory, you can steal enemy vehicles, and enemy equipment, to improve your odds of survival, on the battlefield. Focused on a smaller scale.

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