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Machinima Song I Can't Find Anymore

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Does anyone know where I can find, a high quality version of this song? Sorry for using Google Drive, I wasn't sure where to upload it.



Being stuck with the low quality version, pisses me off to no end. I used some YouTube conversion website back then, and this was the best I got, but I know that it was supposed to sound way better than this. I would actually love to get my hands on the full song, if it even exists, but now that Machinima got nuked, there's no way for me to even find out, and it's really depressing in a way.


It's just one song, but I really regret not trying to update it sooner, when I had the chance to, because I honestly forgot.

It just reminds me of something very specific and unique to me, and it evokes some really great memories I have, so it sucks to not have the real deal nowadays.

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