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Show off your art skills!

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I used to be a gallery artist and now spend a lot of time at my current job as a group home counselor teaching kids how to draw.  I'm always super interested in checking out what cool art people make in their spare time! Also I searched this entire forum and couldn't find any other community art threads so I really hope this isn't a duplicate topic.

I'll start by posting some of the ones from my gallery artist days that seemed to get a positive reception.  I mostly draw with ballpoint pens and sharpie markers on standard 8.5x11 US printer paper or 5x8 index cards because I enjoy being able to go crazy with inexpensive tools that are accessible to most people.


Loving the Dead Girl (2013)



Drew this one for my girlfriend at the time.  6 years later and we're married.

Betray Your Senses (2013)



Tower of Ascension (2013)



Throne of the Id (2012)



Processor in Person (2012)



This one was different in that I used a nibbed pen instead of a ballpoint pen like usual.  It also was never finished, as I intended to create a background as well.  Against my recommendation a large scale print of this was made for an art exhibit where it got far more praise than I was expecting.  A portrait artist I knew and often traded art supplies with expressed that he wanted the print very badly so I gave it to him.

Grow Up (2012)



This has been my most positively received drawing so far and I can't quite pinpoint why.

Land of Misfit Toys (2012)



This is one of my personal favorites and also one of my first full pieces that I think looks any good.

If you are interested in seeing any more of my full art pieces I have a deviantART gallery where I very rarely, but surely, update.  If you want to see more of what I make, I maintain a terrible (and occasionally NSFW) daily "webcomic" where I post my various doodles that often make very little sense.


So how about it?  What awesome art do you have to show off?

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I'm better at physical art myself, and unfortunately don't have any pictures anymore. (cataclysmic concurrent drive and device failures suck)


Those are quite good though!

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