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Cube World - Your First Impressions

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For some odd reason, everyone and their mother seem to be having a very poor experience with this game. Even though all the signs tell me that this should be a pretty fun game from the looks of it. I haven't played the game yet, but hey, post your first impression on it.


I've seen a video about the region lock system, and while I'm not a fan of the mechanic, it doesn't sound that bad. This does seem like a game best played with friends. It sounds like a great time killer overall.


If you are, way past that, then feel free to just talk about the game in general.

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Well, I'm really struggling a lot for sure, the game is really hard.


For one, I'm not a fan of the map, this angle is really strange, and things often overlap on each other.



I wish these icons had text under them, because I can't tell what any of them really mean.


Most of the menus are pretty awkward, and it feels like things generally lack good feedback \ basic explanations.


I haven't had to deal with the region system, as I can't even really tell how to make any actual progress on my own. I can tell you that I had an easier time with Kenshi for sure.


It feels like the only way to get more icons, is to talk to the villagers. Or at least directly, I don't like that.

I found some shrine with text on it, I don't know what it did, I guess it added more icons to the map.


That really needs some visual feedback if that's what happened




I wasn't really too fond of the fact that, the first item I found, was on top of the roof of some random house. That is honestly such a weird design choice, and I really didn't find that intuitive at all. I climbed on the roof out of desperation.


This game is definitely rough, I don't mind games which don't explain everything to me, but, I honestly wish the game could hold my hand a little to be honest with you. I got a flute which does nothing, but apparently a bunch of altars got activated when I sang it near them, and I was able to cheese enemies that way, by dying and respawning over and over again, but I don't think that's I'm supposed to do.


I'll have to explore some more, but, I really wish this game was a bit more tight, I don't think this open world is doing it for me. I might just use Cheat Engine if things get that bad for me, if I still somehow haven't figured out how to make progress. I get the idea that I'm supposed to find more dungeons, with a white name \ one star on them, but I can't tell how I'm supposed to mark any areas which I find interesting on the map, I couldn't find a hotkey for it.


My first impression so far is kinda weak for sure, I was excited but, the game does have some pretty major issues. I think it's too easy for a casual player like me to give up on the game, but I want to give this game an honest shot. So I'll force myself a little bit, see if I can figure things out on my own. I don't want to look up some lame guide, to me that would defeat the whole point of the game.


Anyway, intuitive is not what I would call this game at all. The default hotkeys are complete non-sense, and the buttons to open the UI are ultra random. Why isn't ESC opening the options menu, why do I have to push O? Using the Escape key is pretty much a standard convention, it just seems like such a weird thing to do by default, the O key is in the middle of the keyboard too, it's too far away from any other key.


O = Options? B = Bag? Yeah but, these keybindings suck ass, because I have to push another key, to even see them in the first place. That's just badly designed in my mind.


Edit: I see, the ESC key was used, to show all the menu items, in one row, and they didn't use the ESC key, to open the Options menu, seeing as the Escape key was already taken. This still feels janky either way.


What's the problem with this? Well, I want to close the map, but I can't just push Esc, I have to push the specific map hotkey, M again.

That's why I find it really awkward mostly.


Also, you can't run around, and keep the inventory open at the same time, or chug a potion, and easily cancel, everything is just awkward really.


Oh and, night time sucks, and why does the water look red?


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Well, I've managed to kill stuff. Sometimes, I think when I stun things, or when I become red, I start to gain health as I attack. Also I'll try to use the gold, to buy some crap. Anyway I'm going to play this game on and off as I figure it out. I'll need a different mind set for this game.


Boy, some tool tips, or some explanations, would sure be nice.



What does this do? I... have no idea :(


Edit: Is this intended? Well, anyway, I abused the AI, and I lured an enemy near them. I can actually kill stuff now.



Edit 2: Well the night time makes the game basically unplayable for me... And I don't get the logic behind the progression system. Everything is just too damn awkward. If I can't figure out how to freeze time in cheat engine, then I'm probably giving up on the game, everything is literally pitch black, that beautiful world is gone. It ruins everything for me.


I literally cannot see.


Edit 3: You know, I'm not even going to bother with cheat engine out of spite, this gameplay is just probably not worth it anyway.


Anyway game's okay I guess, but it's not doing it for me. There are too many minor problems which piss me off, and it gets in the way of the gameplay for me, which I'm already not a huge fan of. It's alright, it's an average game, it's functional, but I don't think it's that fun persoally.


I wish it was a linear, more focused, non-open world type game instead. This is not working really well for me otherwise.


This garbage night time killed the game for me, I just don't want to play it anymore. I don't care about anything else either.

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Well, I woke up, and I decided to find the time out of even more spite.


And... it took literally one minute. I didn't realize it would be that easy. I converted the hours into milliseconds, and the minutes into milliseconds.

After that, I added both values togheter, then I did a "search between", I lowered the number to the left by 100 or 1000, and I upped the other number by 100 or 1000, I forgot. Then I waited for time to pass, I paused the game with Cheat Engine, did a "changed values" search, and here it is.


Well that was easy... Oops.




I used this website.





Well... the game is playable now.



I guess I don't have any excuse now, to not keep on playing.




The adventures of frog men must continue. FUCK TIME.



Why yes, you can have a permanent sunset if you want to. Well, kinda, 19:00 gets too dark for me, I'll stick to day time.


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