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battle forge was remade by fans

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i'm not a fan of private servers, hosted on forums of all things, to me the game might as well still be dead


is this fully playable offline with no accounts? is the source code out? if it's closed source then that's kinda worthless, i think as far as long term survival goes, keeping everything as open as possible is the smart thing to do


this is nice i suppose, but i wouldn't say that the game isn't dead anymore, this feels like using voodoo magic to resurrect the undead, and it's useful for a while, but what happens when we can no longer bring the dead back to life?


otherwise, this is... okay i guess, but i'm not too crazy about it if you can't play it offline, and if you are dependent on some random forum in order to play, then when the forum bites the dust, you are screwed? i'll always take something more standalone, which can be setup offline or locally at least


i don't know, i appreciate the effort, but i need to point out the potential flaws, i mean ideally we get to play these games FOREVER, not, once in a while, when people feel like hosting servers for them

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