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Google Stadia - What Happens If You Go AFK?

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I've been thinking, what would happen if you were to just sit AFK on a Google Stadia game? Would it just kick you out?

Also what happens once the servers are overloaded, do you get placed into an MMO style queue? Because that sounds fucking horrible.


God is this really the future of games? Fuck me.


Hey, if you got any speculations, throw them here while you are at it. I think Google Stadia is either going to be a major success, or it'll be fairly in between, but enough to be a pain in the ass in the future. I hope to be wrong though.


As a whole though, this is really depressing. I'm just dissapointed that's all.




"Availability and performance of gameplay features and services [...] may not be available for all games and in all areas."

Ha. Ha. Fuck You.




"Additional terms apply" written in the smallest font possible.

Of course they do.




This might as well say, "pay us to get ripped off, or get ripped off later, makes no difference to us".


Oh yeah, it's not like Google ever shutdown any projects they stopped giving a shit about. Noo, it never happened. Nope.

God I hope this thing is a giant failure, but I know it won't...


I've actually read some pretty positive comments about this, but this whole thing is fucking insane. Nobody seems to realize how unnecessary this is.



Who am I kidding, things are just gonna get worse over time. Hurray.

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