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List of Revived Online Games

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The List

This is a list I've compiled to highlight community projects that have successfully revived formerly dead online games (so no ongoing games like World of Warcraft), or at least have made enough progress to have something to show and are still in active development.
It is also split into two parts: 'Online-Only Revivals' which are games that require a connection to a server to play at all, and 'Online-Service Revivals' which are games that only require a server for certain features (e.g. online multiplayer), though the list is primarily for the former.

If anybody have any suggests or criticisms, or knows of additional games I should add, please share.

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Decent list, but I would add the No Man's Sky. The game, despite the awful start, is pretty playable now. I would even say - it's enjoyable if you like the space sandboxes. But as for me, it's quite boring after you reach the main plot's ending. But they definitely have room for improvement. I can't wait to see gas giants or reachable stars. Since the current generation of consoles has enough power to handle it, such expansions are possible. But the most desirable feature is matchmaking, as in LoL, so the game will never bore you. I have boosted acc from https://www.lolfinity.com/buy-lol-account/, so I know how addictive the matchmaking could be.

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