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D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

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hrmph, this game… what should I say about this game… well, it's one of the very rare cases of 'great game, can't recommend'. the reason for that is it's INCOMPLETE – you only get the first half of the story, which ends on a (deliberately) comical over-the-top cliffhanger. now, you might be thinking: that doesn't sound too bad, plenty of great games do that. NO. this game was planned to have two 'seasons', the first for setting things up and building up the mystery (and hyping you up), and the second for actual story resolution and payoff. the sales were poor, so the second season was canceled, and then the director left the development studio because of a terminal illness. he later blocked everyone who talked to him about D4 on Twitter, including yours truly. we will NEVER get the ending to this magnificent mind-fuck of a game. it doesn't even live up to its own name anymore, since, you know, the 'dream' has 'died', get it? just… move along, spare yourself the pain.

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