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VR Mind series idea

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So I've been playing a bit of BONEWORKS recently and I realized that Arthur Ford is silent, except for a few grunts of pain when hit, and then I thought about the idea of if it'd be possible to make a "Ford's Mind" or "Arthur's Mind" or something. I could probably do it, since I don't get motion sick in VR, but I already have a mind series going right now, so I figured I'd put this idea out there in case anyone was looking for a game to do a potential series in. With it being VR and Arthur's movement being entirely determined by you (You can move his arms around, look at angles a normal first person game wouldn't let you, and it you have Index controllers, you could even make him do hand gestures.) 

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1 hour ago, TheGamingBaconator said:

you could even make him do hand gestures.

A the middle fingering possibilities...

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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