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Contest to win a GOG copy of Iron Harvest

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6 minutes ago, RaTcHeT302 said:

white text on black backgrounds just feels HEAVY to me and i feel like i'm partially being blinded by it, and personally it drives me insane to have pure white and i always go for a more grey-ish color instead


also i generally like white themes more since, not only do i find them less tiring to look at, but, i honestly find dark themes a bit, moody and depressing


but i'm probably a heretic



Yeah, white on black always looks hopelessly fuzzy and a pain to read even on lowest brightness to me. That's the number one reason I sign up to forums -- just to be able to switch themes. Doesn't help here though haha

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3 hours ago, voojagig said:

I think it's become clear to me, having spent about an hour on that site, that your choice of colors is really quite restricted if you're looking to style the entire OS.

If you're looking for something that would be easy to read, functional, universally appealing and that you wouldn't get tired of quickly, you're left with white (or shades of gray) for backgrounds and blue for accent colors. That's because black text on white backgrounds is generally easier to read & better for comprehension. As for accent colors, green is probably out as red-green is the most common type of color blindness. What are we left with then? Yellows? Purples?

So I guess it's no surprise that some of the better-looking ones tend to borrow heavily from OS X.

I've come to a similar conclusion actually, the skin I'm working with someone to make for Windowblinds will be borrowing heavily from the "Bluecurve" theme for Gnome on Linux back in the early 2000s.  I disagree with pure white though, I think that come across as a bit eye-searing, but maybe my monitor's a bit bright.


That said, some of the dark themes people have posted here look very compelling and I think could work also with enough support software to ensure you're very rarely blinded by bright content.


I'll try to be pretty open minded for the competition however, and will be leaning towards the stuff that just strikes me as looking great within the first second or two of looking at it.

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I rather like the pipboy 2000 one, but back when i used winamp i just had a clean generic layout. I had it minimised most of the time, and MSN messenger plus could read winamp and list my song in my status. those were the days.


I guess discord can do that with spotify now!




 I'd rather like a deus ex themed OS personally. I had a system shock 2 themed windows xp back in the day and it was rather delightful, even had Xerxes voice clips for system sounds. I know its not from the linked site, i couldnt find it on there, but i knew it existed.

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5 minutes ago, LordOwlet said:

I rather like the pipboy 2000 one, but back when i used winamp i just had a clean generic layout. I had it minimised most of the time, and MSN messenger plus could read winamp and list my song in my status. those were the days.


I guess discord can do that with spotify now!


Dang, wish I'd found that one. That's a really cool skin.

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The erosion/decay being taken over by roots and leaves jumped out at me for this one. It's a little busy looking, but if done right, I think it could stand out from more more minimalistic themes without becoming too distracting.


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I don't want the game, definitely don't give it to me
I would do an entire OS based on organic looking machinery
I think that the best design copies nature.
This one sort of does that in my eyes.
.Just my 2 cents on the contest , I Just like the idea , saw a ton of interesting stuff on that gallery.
Big fan , once I have my ducks in a row , I will try to make donations for at least a year monthly , but damn I'm just getting beached from paycheck to paycheck .
Being a 9-5 drone really not paying off.
Anyway thank you for the years of entertainment and the existential crisis you gave me.It woke me up and I suddenly felt like my brain booted out of safe mode and what came after was way better than anything else I knew.
Gotta say a few men have shaped my life so far , proud to say you are one of them. I'd say you are  on par with Michael Vincent , a deaf magician, in terms of awareness as a human being and connecting with people. And always impressed with the quality of your work of course.

TLDR : *Insert mold joke* I appreciate you exist and do what you do.Keep on the good work.And damn I hope the movie releases during my lifetime.


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While I've enjoyed the ones I've seen on the site, they all can blend together a bit too much, I'd love to have a more colorful gui to look at.

Been binging a bunch of Sam and Max stuff, so this is right up my alley. I like the idea of GUI having really intricate goofy office themes with papers and pencils strewn about . The addition of bullet holes really sell it for me the most too.



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I found this one to be pretty good. I like the color choices and the fact that there's actually some contrast between them. If I could, I would probably make the grey background color a little lighter and the orange a bit more vibrant. I also like the sharp shapes, it gives the skin a futuristic vibe. The pixely font would need to go.

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I am a big fan of this one, it feels like nothing was sacrifice for its art style and its very easy on the eyes 





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