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Hitman 2 Multiplayer Removed

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i was like, "wait what the fuck hitman 2 has multiplayer??"




oh... it's the NEWER HITMAN 2

anyway i have never heard of this mode in my life


also this news article is worthless they don't even explain wtf ghost mode is or how it works



garbage journalism MY ASS lol

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I really like the new Hitman games but they're completely bogged down by the server crap. Playing offline is pretty much not worth it if you want to use any unlocks at all from what I've heard.


AFAIK, Ghost Mode is you and another player in the same map (but your own game - if P1 kills someone, that person is not killed for P2, but both players can see each other as ghosts) and you race to assassinate a target without being detected. I don't know any further mechanics or quirks of the mode, just that. It sounds like it could be cool, but not my thing. I generally prefer a more co-op focus when it comes to stealth games. Splinter Cell 3 handled it perfectly imo.


Hitman's Sniper Mode reminded me that there's a mode in Sniper Elite where one player takes the role of (surprise) Sniper and another is an on-the-ground stealth guy. I'd like to see Hitman try to do something like this if, if not just dropping two agents into one map with the normal freedom of the game available to both players.

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