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Ubisoft Deleted Account With Hundreds Of Dollars’ Worth Of Games For Inactivity

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On 1/2/2022 at 7:47 PM, SteelPony said:

A reminder that you're not buying games, you're just licensing them.


You are never buying games even when you purchase

physical copies.


Upon checking his email, Tor said that he found an inactivity warning from

Ubisoft in his spam folder dated January 20th. The email stated that his account

had been temporarily shut down and will be permanently closed if he didn’t click

the provided link within 30 days.


While there’s a clause in Terms of Service that allows the company to suspend

or close an account for inactivity, Ubisoft claims that what happened to Tor was a glitch

and that they’ve never suspended an account that has been inactive for less than four years.


Gotta love their defence "We do not close accounts for inactivity,

I mean, we do, but only after 4 years of inactivity" as if that's actually



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One of the reasons why I use only two game stores... And third one, which have only free games, so not a big deal

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