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Fortress Forever 1.0 Server Files

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I had a hard time finding these, so either they're rare files or I'm just stupid. Because Ross has mentioned that he liked version 1.0 of Fortress Forever, I started looking for them some time last year. All I could manage back then was finding an old torrent file by using the wayback machine to get to a dead page. A few months ago I decided to search again and I can't even remember where I found them, but I got what I believe are the server files for both Windows and Linux. I tried looking them up again, but can't find them online any more. For that reason more than anything else at this point, I'm putting them here.


I doubt we'll be having a fan playsession any time soon and I'm not sure we'd play this version of Fortress Forever anyways, so if you decide to try and figure these out, just know you're probably doing it for the fun of it more than anything else.


Linux: https://mega.nz/file/741i0BJJ#cRXa_SP24Naaq0Zo16tvP20YWF-3jflUE_wGshHa5wY

Windows: https://mega.nz/file/e9V1USgK#vd52Wczd7FbMgznBxAKGB1kA8Ek5b3ASbZg_60Dc8AE

I was a North American Fall Webworm in my past life. Those were the good old days... What were you in your former life?

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