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Ban the person above you!

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Banned because if you can name where this is from you get + rep



Note: No one knows who the fuck this guy is, and we just let him in and working on top secret projects, cause he says some thing erased his existence? Right. I call Children of the Broken God plant. Just give me one hour with him and a pair of spoons, and I'll make sure he talks. -Dr. Bright


Note: I bet I can make him talk in half an hour with one teacup. - Clef


Note: 15 minutes with a thimble. -Dr. Bright


Note: You're on. - Clef


Note: Dr. Blast has been remanded to the infirmary for rest and recovery from accidental thimble wounds suffered during normal operations. On a completely unrelated note, Drs. Clef and Bright are to be given disciplinary actions for misappropriating Foundation property (specifically: one (1) Mk-1 Fingertip Protection Device (Thimble)) - O5-11


Note: Formal request of transfer to "the fuck outta here" by Dr. Blast: (denied) - O5-█


non-euclidean fuck machine

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Banned for thinking SCP is a hard to find reference for this forum, especially when you left in that 5th 'note'.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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Banned for breaking the first rule of the random thread.

The future of gaming lies in realistic simulations of extraordinary realities


"I am drunk, you dont have an excuse"

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