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Alice: Madness Returns

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I don't know how or why I got so obsessed with this game.  I found it one day when it was already like 10 years old (coincidentally when it became a small trend on YouTube for a little while there), gave it a try, disliked the control scheme and jankiness... But then suddenly about midway through, something just clicked inside my brain and I couldn't put it down.  I mean, the art and music style is great, but I can't say that those are the specific things that clicked with me to get me hooked.  Something just sort of... happened.  Here I am with a minor obsession and to this day I can't explain why.


This seems like one of those games where people go "oh yeah... that game, I think I have that somewhere".  And then they keep coming back to it every now and again.  Kinda like that meme about Deus Ex, where someone will reinstall it if mentioned.


Anyone else have experience with this game?


Side note too: my current obsession is figuring out modding this game.  There were never any official modding tools released for it (Imagine making an Unreal Engine game and not having it be moddable... Cmon McGee, what the hell???) but I'm discovering more and more about how this game stores its cooked assets.  With various Unreal unpacking tools and a hex editor, some things can be done, like audio swaps.  I'd like some help, if anyone is interested and either understands Unreal Engine 3 or just has a knack for noticing patterns in things like hex editors.

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