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Trying to finish the game. but so far every time I finish all the research and rule the entire galaxy more than 800 years before the victory year.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


It's very obvious the game is incomplete. Only half the armor upgrade system is present. (you can dismantle, but you can't upgrade armor or use the materials received from dismantling) There are many bugs, including them removing lock-on missiles accidentally when they increased the fire rate. Also, many "stuck in terrain" issues. Also, their companion AI is missing right now, despite them saying from the beginning that it was planned. (they just haven't gotten it fully ported over from Wildlands yet)


Overall a very fun game that Ubisoft rushed WAY too hard.

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4 hours ago, Psychotic Ninja said:

So all of their games.

Extraordinarily so in this case. Other rushed ones just have a few minor things missing, but with this I'd say close to 20% of the game is missing at launch. Fortunately I didn't have to pay anything for this game, since it was free when I got my Dad's RX 570 for his new PC. (same as when I got The Division 2 for free with my 2400G CPU)

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I'm playing new Pokemon. A lot of Pokemon.  I'd say it's one best entries in the series.

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2 minutes ago, RaTcHeT302 said:

Red Faction Guerilla?

That's on the list. Basically, I only just got the Steam update, and I'm looking back at my lost and forgotten games, and basically doing some spring cleaning. Hiding games I just flat out hate(d) is a godsend.

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5 hours ago, Psychotic Ninja said:

Hiding games I just flat out hate(d) is a godsend.



That said, I'm still playing Star Trek Online, because it's never been outright bad, and many times quite good. (also because it's not that bad looking for as old as the engine is, partly because they updated the engine somewhat to include DX11 stuff about 2 years ago)

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