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Clear Skies [trilogy]

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A story about an Eve Online character John Rourke who just had repairs done to his ship and then needs money, so his crew and him agree to transport "Mr. Smith" for $30,000,000 isk ... so begins the story.


Clear Skies 1



Clear Skies 2



Clear Skies 3



I recomend all 3 movies. They are extremely well done. Worth your time.


Produced by Jan Chisholm.

I will not stop until all of my foes go down in flames.


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It's great to see the series continuing and number 3 is by far the best of them all, very high production values and it was very entertaining.

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Man, I watched the first two "films" years ago when they came out, and am eagerly awaiting the third, but I can't download it this month because I'll max mah net cap.

It's over two Gigglybytes big and I only watch it under the condition that it's the high quality file. I've heard it's a lot better than the others, but I personally don't care;

I just like it for the duo game mix and how they work around the implementations.

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It's a pretty interesting machinima, and a competitor for the title of a good Machinma movie (like Robert Stoneman's War of the Servers) but I only liked it to a limited extent. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't poor either.

This is a nice metric server. No imperial dimensions, please.

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