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SERIES FINALE SPOILERS!!!!! These are just my broken thoughts, broken in little sentences.


I did not see that Discord twist, especially so early on.

Enjoyed the Pinkie & Brain reference.

It was nice seeing movie character cameos.

Lyra and Bon-Bon had a blink and you'll miss it wedding.

(Allegedly) Appledash is confirmed.

Interesting that Fluttercord happened.

Same with Pinkie & Cheese (Pink Sandwich?) They even had a child.

Chaos Pinkie is best.

Best cliffhanger since Season 2.


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20 hours ago, Annie said:

Ah yes the old adventure time approach

And Korra before that.

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Seeing as the series is finished, should this thread be locked? Or renamed to something like "MLP content"?

Edited by Psychotic Ninja

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Probably not. It's not like nobody can ever discuss the show anymore now that it's over. And in fairness, this thread hasn't ALWAYS been used solely for show discussion anyway.

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True, but before the finale, this was pretty much dead. So, there's no real say just how long this will be active, especially with 3-4 fans still here.

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