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Cynide and Happiness meets FM?

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nothing important. I was watching some random internet comics at 2 am (as you usually do) while watching FM 2 when i saw this...iq8222UZf.png

look at the signature above. I may be going mad, but this is hard evidence of something, right there.

All joking aside, its really there and i KNOW thats a FM/CP fan but im bored and as i had nobody else to tell to (they would actually realize how crazy i am) i figured i could post it here where all ross´s stuff is taken seriously.

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Wow, that's pretty awesome! =D

i dont think reading internet comics at 2 am is awesome, this is kind of a low point in my life, but if you think its awesome, great xD


I doubt that Ross Scott eas the author of that though :l

yeah, i know. its probably a fan. Making internet comics would be kind of a step back for him.

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