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Peak Oil 101

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Many people aren't aware of what's meant by "peak oil." I'm using it to refer to the point when our oil production is at its maximum. What happens AFTER that point is a big unknown, but it's probably not good. Here's some general information if you want to know more about it


- Good Wikipedia Article


This is a little dated and I don't agree with everything that's said here 100% (especially regarding the energy comparisons), but it explains the concepts behind peak oil pretty well.


- Civil Protection: Oil's Well the video I created (and the ONLY video with a "message" I ever plan to make) that sums up what peak oil means. It was originally made for an environmental contest where I had to list a solution. In reality I'm not sure there really is a solution to this unless everyone were to lower their standard of living, which I don't see happening voluntarily.


- The Oil Drum - Website with a TON of information on this, though it can be hard to sift through a lot of it.

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