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Bulgarian Subtitles

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Hello there Ross i see that you made a topic about bulgarian subtitles and I want to make you an offer.


1- I want to write the subtitles for the Civil Protection in Bulgarian for all the episodes that are now avalable in Bulgarian.

2-I want you to explain how you want me to write the subtitles.....like do you want me to write them in a text document and have them send It to ya or something else because I have been making subtitles in the Video sharring website in out country also known as VBOX.bg there simple people can write the subtitles and have the video uploaded again with the SUBS.




Tell me what I need to do and I will translate Civil protection to BULGARIAN.....you have 2 days to reply and now im writing this as fast as I can Because time for me is short however I will have ALOT of time to work on the SUBS.


Thanks for your time(sorry if I had any mistakes).

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I am not Ross Scott, but the way I do it is to use Subtitle Workshop to type in and time all the lines.


My workflow for it is as follows:


1. Download the Youtube video

2. Type in all the lines in a place like Microsoft Word (for spell-checking purposes)

3. Open Sony Vegas and place markers at the beginning and end of each line.

4. Open Subtitle Workshop and transfer the timings (via the Vegas markers) into there and copy the lines over.

5. Keep individual lines to less than 40 characters, placing text on multiple lines if possible.

6. Save in Subrip format, then upload the SRT file to this forum.


Let me know if you have any questions with this.

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Cant I just make the subtitles and nhave them send to you via text documents adn e-mail because I dont have sony vegas and I realy want to make the Bulgarian subbs for CP



what im trying to say is that I want to write them like this...


1:23 to 1:34 Mike stop it(Майк спри!)

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You could post them on this forum in that format. I'm sure someone would be able to convert them....I might not be able to; my life has gotten very busy so I haven't been able to devote any time to subtitling lately.



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Hi Kintaro,

If you don't have Sony Vegas, you can still make subtitles quite easily with Subtitles Workshop (if you have any questions about it, here is the place to ask).


what im trying to say is that I want to write them like this...

1:23 to 1:34 Mike stop it(Майк спри!)

That's basically what a .srt file (the format chosen by Ross) is! It's just a text file containing the timing and text for each line of text (for more info, see the Wikipedia article about it). You could write them yourself but it's easier (and faster) to use a program like Subtitles Workshop.


And another thing, you can also use the already existing english subtitles (available here and here), open them with Notepad (or any program able to edit text files) and simply replace the english lines with your bulgarian translation. Most CP have quite good english subtitles available on the website, so your work is already half-done ;)


do you want me to write them in a text document and have them send It to ya or something else (...)
When you have a .srt file ready, you can upload it here using the "Upload attachment" form (when you are posting a reply or a new topic). That way, everyone will be able to see it and check for errors/improvements before Ross add the file on his website and on the Youtube videos.


I hope this post helped you!

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