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Interesting opening, and for a while the stealth/straight action gameplay is fun, but reaching the end just becomes a slog for little payoff. You can find games that do the same thing that have better art and stories elsewhere. 

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I have been playing this game off and on for YEARS and it is purely because I couldn't bring myself to finish until recently.

Initially I thought the game was fairly creepy and it had great atmosphere. As time went on, the game was no longer scary and became a bit of a drag.

I finished the game purely because I felt like it was taunting me to finish. I wanted to know the whole story.

Would Rate: Hazy

I would even go on to say that this is the DEFINITION of a hazy game. A game you keep coming back to, but after playing it for an hour or two, you decide to move on to something else.

But you keep coming back until it is done.

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In the beginning the Game presents itself like it wants to be some kind of Survival Horror FPS with Stealth elements set in Colonial times. You get the crappy weapons of that period, combat is short, brutal and you have to ambush enemies to not get killed. There is a Red Riding Hood type of Character  watching you from afar and you have a little bit of resource management. All in all pretty cool and good first impression.

Then after the first zone the Game sadly devolves into Theme Park MMO style quest grinding, because you always keep doing the same kind of tasks in each location and the Story/Atmosphere isn't strong enough to make you ignore this and if you think to power through it just to see where the Story goes, the combat will stop you cold in your tracks as it requires patience.


I rate it: Doubt

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