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So happy that this is getting attention, it's stuffed with great and weird content and an atmosphere you can cut through. It was an absolutely magical experience I've almost forgotten that games could evoke, it's clear that this is one mans vision going full force and I want to see more from him.

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A bizarre but wonderfully atmospheric FPS, although trying to fit this into a single genre or category really doesn't do it justice. It's sort of an FPS, although it has more emphasis on adventuring and exploring than on combat. It's a bit of a metroidvania too, although it's still pretty straightforward and isn't too mazelike. It's very beautiful and atmospheric, with misty mountain vistas and some gorgeous scenery, although it has it's share of super creepy areas and locations that make it feel like a horror game at times.


This is very much a messy indie game although it has so much soul that it became hard to put down while playing. I really haven't played anything quite like it.

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This game might capture the fantasy journey feeling the best of anything I've played, and is maybe the most "better than the sum of its parts" feeling on every level. No one part of it is particularly good on its own but it just comes together so well. Even the visuals are like that, even though the individual assets mostly look pretty rough you get some really dang nice vistas. It's a real shame it never gets talked about.


I make stuff. Look at it at https://www.youtube.com/user/MadmanEpic. Or don't. I can't really tell either way.

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