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For anyone looking at this and seeing that it's only on Epic, I fully understand your skepticism or disappointment. I didn't even buy this on principle, I had to be gifted it before I finally decided to play it.

What's the verdict? It's fantastic. Easily the single best game I've played based around building interconnected machines that capitalize on resources and industrialize everything. Fans of Factorio should seriously consider checking this game out. You don't get punished for destroying buildings (you get all your resources back 1:1) and the game is full of polish and QoL despite being in development. The developers could very easily get away with marketing this game as a finished product, and most developers probably would. But instead they are intent on delivering more and more content and features. It blows my mind.

I've never had a game where I consistently forgot it was still in development, because it's just built so well and excellently optimized. It's shockingly stable, and tons of content and depth have kept me playing for dozens of hours with friends. Singleplayer or multiplayer, it's an excellent experience. Even if you're not super into building, the exploration gives you an incredibly vast and gorgeous alien landscape for you to wander around. Mineral intrigue, dangerous fauna, and secrets await you if you would prefer to just explore.

Again, I'll fully understand if you refuse because it's on Epic. It'll come out on other platforms later, but it can't just yet. Definitely keep your eye on it if you don't want to buy it right now. I can respect that.

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i'm not a fan of these factorio styled games, i played factorio once, and i just felt like i could be doing something far more productive instead, it felt too much like actual work to me, and less like an actual videogame, so i'll probably skip satisfactory


i'm not a fan of the colors of this game either, factorio i think, looks way better than this, i'm just not a fan of color filtering at all, and factorio has a nicer mood to it


if i had to choose between the two, factorio would win because of the graphics alone


i think the gameplay is a giant waste of time, it's all very artificial, but i think factorio has a cooler setting also, and even though it might be a 2D game, i think the concept makes more sense in 2D, i feel like making a giant sprawling base in 3D, will probably get clusterfucky real quick, and factorio is a game, where you'll need to redesign everything at one point


redoing stuff in a 3D setting sounds like it'll get tedious real quick


graphics wise, i think this looks pretty horrendous



compared to this



i would much rather destroy the 2D planet, over the 3D one, factorio just has the perfect mood for this type of game


even if i hate the game itself, it feels like it has some soul put into it, the other game, just feels like a quick cash grab \ copy cat, you'll never get the intended experience, and this is coming from someone who didn't like Factorio much at all


again, it feels like a job, like actual work, as you need to sit down and figure out the game's logic and how things work, and personally, i'd rather be blasting robots in the face instead, i find that to be more straightforward

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