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this looked cool as hell but i actually got to play it and it was just really confusing and i don't understand how to do anything, plus i just don't like the gameplay style at all, it's not a base builder game, it's one of those, FTL styled games, where you jump from sector to sector, and that style just doesn't grab me


i mean you can build your space ship, but personally i didn't even manage to build a single room, or do anything, it's so overly complicated, you basically need an encyclopdia to understand how to do anything in this game, i don't like games with such a huge learning curve, i just don't have the patience for trial and error gameplay, after realizing that, most games of this type, are often all the way this finnicky and torturous to play, until the very end, so i've sorta moved away from the "it gets better" crowd and i either cheat at the game and i enjoy it or i cheat and it's still boring and finnicky as hell, in which case that clears it up for me

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