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Its... good.
I like it, but at the end of the day, the only reason to even look at this one is the 40k license.

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The art is fantastic. That is all that is good. Combat is very repetitive. There is no exploration at all. Lackluster content and lying developers.

Since before release people have complained that its needs more content and things to do. So when it released the devs got the community against them because they always promise to be looking at feedback but they never show it in game. 


So what do they do with the "lack of content" feedback? They bring out a standalone expansion that you need to pay for....

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Been sticking with this ARPG for a while now, it's good but its soooooo "not perfect" if that makes sense.
But the Gore and Graphics are good I'll give it that :D 

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This is a Love/Hate game for me.
I gave it a bad review on Steam after I found out the in-game description where lying about damage and critical calculations to nerv a specific build I was playing. Out of my memory I'll give you the gist of it so you don't need to look that up:

The whole game feels like it works against you and doesn't value the players time, ressources or urge to experiment. It feels like it wants to sell you premium currency while (afaik) not having one. It's a mess.
It's fun and gorgeous and captivating when it's not though.
It doesn't bring the distinctive "Avitus" Dawn of War II happiness back. So, yeah. Not my game. Took me over 50 hours to find out that I hate it in the end. Might give it another try in the next Millennium.

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