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  2. https://www.facebook.com/notes/neil-degrasse-tyson/reflections-on-the-color-of-my-skin/10158481422496613/
  3. Speaking of new things, recently I got a new computer. Specs are: GTX 1660 TI, 32GB of RAM, Intel Core i5-9600
  4. I really like my new keyboard. It's as big of a difference as going from my old monitor (60Hz 1600x900 low-end TN panel) to my new one. (144Hz 1080p mid-grade VA panel)
  5. Last week
  6. It's an ok game. It get's pretty repetitive after a while and what you are suppossed to do is not explained well. Or at all.
  7. Shows you how many people don't read a whole lot.
  8. Oh yeah? It just continues to show that Deus Ex gets all the attention for something other titles have done. Still an amazing game! I just wish we didn't give it all the credit lol
  9. you're forgetting the payment to the credit card company/bank/paypal either you or the game company will have to pay twice due to a refund. The model steam has started with now of giving a game to play for free for 2 days and then you need to purchase to continue playing is a much better model (of course it only applies to games with very long playtime. If it's the kind of game that has only 1 hour of content and is marketed as a huge life changing deal, then it probably won't opt in into this kind of deal and will also waste all of its purchaser's money)
  10. I've brought games I've pirated. Underrail, Fallout 3 GOTY, Expeditions Viking, Tangledeep, KSP, to be specific. Proof I'm not shittin: And here are the pirated games on a old drive: note dates: I tried to push my underrail pirate saves to my legit copy but no luck. You know it's a cold day in hell when I'm agreeing with/helping/verifying BTG. I just used them in lieu of demos, to see if my rig can handle it, if i enjoyed it. In the case of Doom, Age of Decadence, not really. In the case of Expeditions, Underrail? HELL YEA! I haven't even played Expeditions because I know this laptop can't handle it but I will when I upgrade.
  11. And I just proved that opinion completely wrong in its entirety. Holding onto it is denying reality because you prefer your opinion to facts. This is the same attitude that is destroying the USA right now, please don't spread that particular insanity here too. Yet another statement that doesn't fit with the facts, and yes, they are FACTS. And as I already said, I do, when they make something I enjoy. I don't blindly buy before getting a good idea of what I'm paying for when I get a car, or when I get software. I covered this. Plenty of games I've thought looked interesting, but after torrenting and playing for 5-6 hours, found the begining to be the only good part, all the rest was garbage and unfinished. They built the game with the intention of making it impossible to return by the time you found out how shitty the game actually was past the start. That depends... If I pirate and enjoy and spread the word that it's good, I most definitely am supporting them in a tangible way, even if I don't buy the game. I'm not directly affecting their bottom line, but I am supporting them with word of mouth advertising, and later on with direct financial support when I have the funds available to do so. And yet what you say is identical to the bullshit propaganda the anti-piracy lobbyists put out... Your opinion is not based in fact. Again, you're very wrong. I played Fallout 4 pirated for years before ever buying it. I was waiting for the GOTY edition to buy, and I did buy as soon as the GOTY was available. I don't lie about this stuff, as there is no reason for me to lie about it. None whatsoever.
  12. IIRC, several of the Robert Heinlein books predicted similar corporate control, and the original Shadowrun had it pegged in full swing back in the 80's.
  13. Look, we can do this dance for hours. Just know, that from my perspective, if you're gonna pirate something, you weren't gonna bother buying it in the first place. So, again, excuse me for doubting you. There's literally no incentive for you to purchase something you got for free. Like I said, if you want to support a company, you would bloody support them. Two hours/two weaks is more than enough time to determine if you'll like a game on Steam. Pirating their product isn't supporting them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against pirating. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against pirating. However, you're bullshitting if you claim to purchase the product after pirating it. End of discussion.
  14. So I see this all the time and I think people are too focused on the blanket statements of Deus Ex. Deus Ex's story is written with history in mind. The events that happen in the game are relatively surface. Like if you look at historical trends it is easy to predict the future in the same way Deus Ex does. Plagues happen all the time. Advancement of technology means more ways to track and restrict citizens. Deus Ex is not a unique prophet, just one that got popular. Through the years of collection retro PC games, there are a plethora of dystopia future games that "predict" the state we are in. Saying that we have the biggest protest or plague is not something Deus Ex got out of thin air. As population increases...anything becomes "the biggest in history." I think the only real "predictions" Deus Ex made that no one saw coming is the corporation take over. Monopolies exist and they continue to grow. The top 1% has majority of the money. Medicine (at least in the US) is only for those who can afford it. Who knew that Disney was our Orwellian overlords? I'm not saying Deus Ex is wrong or it isn't making predictions. I'm just sick of everyone acting like they saw the unseen. Like they saw into the future. Even the game itself recites facts that were gathered in the 90s when the game was being developed. History repeats itself is a saying for a reason. If you look at history you can kinda guess the future. The developers were great at taking contemporary evidence, conspiracy and creating a giant empty referent. The devs were smart. But like George Orwell, it's all very surface and open to interpretation.
  15. I want to support devs that make games/software/music/movies I enjoy, so they can make more of them... That's a really strong reason IMO, and that of all the major release groups in the pirating community. If you're not going to ever buy it, then you already know you're never going to enjoy it... Why pirate it at all? I even buy OLD games that I pirated 18 years ago when they're available on Steam or GOG. (like I did with the Avernum series from Spiderweb Software because I pirated the Exile series that was the original version of those games, as well as two of the original Avernum trilogy) Steam refunds definitely doesn't wait long enough for me to determine if it's only good for the first little bit, then a boring slog for the last 3/4ths of the game. And why should I risk any amount of money for a game I'm unsure about? Once I am sure, I will always buy though, even if it takes a decade or two to get around to it.
  16. Another awesome addition to my system... A GMMK keyboard with Kailh Pro Purple switches and 40A thick o-rings. (I also got the Kailh Speed Silver, but decided to start with the Purple because they felt like they'd be better for typing, and they definitely are) My KPM has gotten much faster with this keyboard, and I'm making far fewer typos. (though just as many "I should say this a different way" mistakes that I have to correct, as that's a brain related issue, not hardware) I may end up putting down some stories now that have been roaming in my head for decades... I have a keyboard that makes me want to keep typing, for the first time ever.
  17. Look, it is my belief, that if you pirate something, you're not going to buy it later. If you're gonna support the Devs or whatever, you would support them. If you can't (like broke College students for example), then people pirate. When platforms like Steam and Origin allow refunds, there's no reason to buy, try it, and if you don't like it, refund it. If you pirate, and don't like, uninstall. You weren't gonna buy it in the first place. So excuse me if I doubt you're purchasing products after pirating them.
  18. the 2nd part is a false statement
  19. Speaking as someone who's pirated before, there's no reason to purchase something that you've pirated.
  20. Scientifically speaking, there are no accurate statistics that say that at all.
  21. Statistically speaking, those who pirate anything wouldn't have purchased it in the first place.
  22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Have_No_Mouth,_and_I_Must_Scream (for those who may end up wondering)
  23. I pirate to know if they're worth buying, and have said so on many occasions. I'm up to about 70% purchased of whatever I've pirated right now. (that includes movies and music) I was in that boat for a good long time, until I got my new PC.
  24. I think the last game I actually bought was civ 2 alpha centauri, ever since, just piracy and free web, can't run most modern games anyway
  25. Simons: "This plague — the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it." Page: "Why contain it? Let it spill over into the schools and churches. Let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end, they'll beg us to save them." The biggest American protest plus the biggest pandemic the world has seen in 100 years happening at the same time, just like the setting of Deus ex. How does this game keep predicting the future?
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