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  2. Awesome

    The Light

    A glass house game, it looks great but you can't leave your glass house. The game is nice and short, the motion blur bugged me and it is a nice place to check out, I don't speak Russian? but it isn't that big a deal, you can beat the whole game without knowing any of it. As for the ending though there is a lot of text of walls that I can't read which I'm guessing would be explaining what the hell the message of this game was but without that I think the best way to describe this game is as a nice demo or proof of concept but not an actual, fully fleshed out game.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Welfarewalrus

    Virtual Reality mods for classic games (list)

    Update. Apparently you can play Quake 1 in VR with motion controls. https://github.com/Fishbiter/Quakespasm-OpenVR I just got done playing a few levels and it is great, possibly my favorite vr experience of the list if you are a fan of the first Quake.
  5. Welfarewalrus

    Delisted Games

    I can't accept playing an FPS on a controller. Not because I am snobby but I just can't get used to it. I was lucky enough to see that my old friend had a copy of it that he let me borrow.
  6. Annie

    Kerbal Space Program...2!

    I doubt you're using an engine strong enough to control your ship with thrust vectoring if you're having that much trouble with it. You shouldn't use RCS thrusters to maneuver your ship during takeoff/in atmosphere anyway, that's what thrust vectoring and control surfaces are for. Do you have any fins or winglets? Are you using a small engine with a big ship? Are you using an engine that doesn't even have thrust vectoring? Show us an example of what you're trying to build and having trouble with.
  7. Slug_Man

    Sir, You Are Being Hunted

    From reading reviews, I understand it to be a game where you hide from robots while looking for different objects in order to progress. As time goes on it gets harder. You also have to manage your inventory. There is combat, but it is not viable long-term, and you will run out of bullets and bandages quickly. The randomly-generated nature of the game makes it different each playthrough but it is still very similar playthrough to playthrough.
  8. BTGBullseye

    Games you like that others don't

    The original Command & Conquer games, from before Westwood was EAten.
  9. BTGBullseye

    Kerbal Space Program...2!

    Either the Caps Lock mod is on all the time, or thrust vectoring and an entire side covered in RCS thrusters can't maneuver as much as a gentle breeze does...
  10. Eshanas

    Games you like that others don't

    Carnivores 2 and Icewind Dale. They're not hated, but they weren't 'the best' even back then. But because they're what I grew up with, they have a special place in my heart. They would be seen with derision today.
  11. Kot

    The Void

    This is like a weird german expressionist film. It's very artsy, and obscure. Personally it didn't click with me. I found it frustrating and tiring to constantly try and understand what the hell's going on. The easiest way to escape the void is to exit the game.
  12. bhlaab

    The Void

    Recommended if you can get past the tough difficulty curve (and the fact that the difficulty curve involves figuring out what youre even meant to be doing)
  13. Kraken

    Kerbal Space Program...2!

    So can you give us a run-through of the issues? Like these are some pretty specific problems we're looking at. If we're talking about flight, the reason that it might not be all that maneuverable can come down to a few things: Speed, which affects the amount of air moved by control surfaces Presence of control surfaces, or lack thereof Positioning of control surfaces behind the center of mass relative to the front of the plane (Putting CoL in front of the CoM tends to make it too unstable.) Thrust Vectoring engines, or non-thrust vectoring. (engine nozzle gimbals/turns/moves and makes thrust go to an angle) If something is too maneuverable (but still stable), press Caps lock once and it should go into fine control mode, which makes the WASDQE controls have significantly lower maximum input. As for maneuvering in space, use RCS (larger ships especially, or for docking) or reaction wheels (can get heavy). Although all of those are kinda void if you don't put a probe or command module on with crew. Or fuel. Or electricity for most of it. And if it's a probe with no crew, you probably need an antennae (or more importantly electricity), at least if you have the setting for requiring communications to control on.
  14. Annie

    Kerbal Space Program...2!

    They're all functional and extremely easy to learn, you probably just never took the time to learn them. QWEASD for pitch/yaw/roll are the controls the game is shipped with, along with shift and ctrl to throttle up and down, z and x for full throttle or minimum throttle respectively, and docking and rendezvous are more a matter of understanding which burns to make and where. It's got a learning curve but the controls ARE functional and don't really need improvement.
  15. Slug_Man


    For Patreon prizes, I’ve seen the channel Weird Video Games do this: for x$, people can you send you a word or maybe a sentence that you add to your videos, and then you credit them for that word/ sentence, either when you say it or at the end of your video. Alternatively, people could send you 300+$ (A lot of money) and suggest a game, and you would then do a short, 5-10 minute Freemans mind ish segment of that game, or even a short 10 minute Game Dungeon on it if it was a short game. Just some ideas I had.
  16. Eshanas

    Wargames: Defcon1

    The Iso Zone...went down? We really are approaching the end of the 'wild west' internet, sheesh. I didn't even notice....
  17. coryoon_

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    Gotta put in my request for 1996's "Animal", an adver-game for the meat-based snack food Peperami. Inexplicably, it's a "comedic" point-n-click adventure game that challenges Armed & Delirious for how much it actively fights against the player. Much liked the aforementioned reviewed game, Animal has: Absurdly picky mouse placement for exits Inconsistent methods for exits (e.g. randomly needing to press "Use" on a staircase when all other staircases just have you clicking the bottom step) A massive inventory and an overabundance of random items to collect with no clear use case for any of them A complete lack of direction or plotline within the game itself A consistently unpleasant or weird soundscape at any given point A protag that doesn't shut up (except in this case, it's a lot more screechy. See above.) As a bonus, it also has a narrator that constantly talks down and is hostile toward the player. Enjoy getting insulted for attempting to even remotely think logically about a situation on screen. Archived over on IA here, for better or worse: https://archive.org/details/peperami-adventure-game-1997
  18. Last week
  19. Gun

    Witch Hunt

    Way too difficult. Not everything dies in one shot and you can miss a lot... Takes few hits from any enemy to kill you so it's a constant backtracking to town for a heal. And it doesn't show where you are on the map, thankfully it's small. However the atmosphere is amazing. Some moments when the moon shines behind the clouds through the thick and thin branches of the dead trees, and it hard to see so you are constantly on the lookout, making sure nothing creeps on you. And most of the time nothing will, making it that much more unnerving. Worth a try at least.
  20. Gun

    The Surge

    Tedious version of Dark Souls
  21. roger_duncan_101

    Ross's Big Game List

    Hi,@danielsangeo In subtitle line #21 I'm pretty sure Ross says: "information AND the videos". At least it makes more sense. Then there's a word mising right after in #22: "I STILL don't understand ". And in # 195 there's an "I" missing: "figure it out and I explain some of the oddities". Also, I'm not very familiar with the web sites that sell games, so when Ross says about GOG and Steam and having or not having the possibility of KEEPING the game, what exactly does this mean? And I also send you a private letter about a month or so ago, I'd appreciate your help with that issue as well.
  22. RaTcHeT302

    Gauntlet - Dark Legacy

    I actually played this on the N64. This should totally be on the game list. I can't find any good screenshots, but this is a very fun co op game. I never got past the first level though. Does it get any better? I'll have to find out. It seemed pretty fun on my first impression, I always wanted to play more of it.
  23. Kot

    Sir, You Are Being Hunted

    I loved that game except for one thing - the enemies get harder and harder whether you collect the items you're gathering or not, so It's kind of like playing on a timer. That ruined it a bit for me. You're constantly in a hurry.
  24. ForeverDusk

    The Painscreek Killings

    A great murder mystery graphic adventure game with no hand holding, you piece things together yourself to solve the mystery of this ghost town called Painscreek. The atmosphere is fantastic, and is one of the most immersive gaming experiences i've had. Breaking out a pen and paper to jot down notes is highly recommended, as well as utilizing the in game camera. You have a real sense of accomplishment in solving this mystery as once again there is absolutely no hand holding here. Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/624270/The_Painscreek_Killings/
  25. RaTcHeT302


    Okay my other post is broken for some reason and I can't add more music under Medusa's Path. Anyway, I'll get even more overly specific. GETT OUTTA HERE WITH YOUR MAINSTREAM BULLLL, YEAAHHH Wait no I'm back into the mainstream, dammit. BUT WAIT, I BRING INSTRUMENTALS. What the hell is this track name? In my own collection, I just called it "Primavera". I literally cannot listen to this on it's original RPM. Go ahead and listen to the original, I bet you'll be crawling back to this one. YEAH BACK TO OUR MORTAL WORLD EH, I'm not a robot, I can't listen to robot music. I'm going to cheat with this one, but it's too neat not to post. Uh, anyway, I have more, but I would need to upload them, and it's not gonna happen with how hard some of these were to find.
  26. RaTcHeT302


    I don't know, that's still pretty mainstream music, doesn't seem too unusual to me. If anything plenty of people claim to like Metallica, but only because of the name, which stands out a lot from what I've seen. I think it's when you get down to overly specific tracks, from all kinds of obscure places, in order to really stand out from the crowd. I don't think most people will listen to something like this. I don't think most people even know that this song even exists. This is probably still pretty well known, but it's not exactly popular. This is... very specific. Hey look, it's LimeWire. Some really obscure track I never see much around.
  27. RaTcHeT302

    Wargames: Defcon1

    Does anyone know how to get a list of files on that website? At least I wouldn't have to download each archive separately. Also I don't have the patience to get that Python extractor to work, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it's finnicky as hell. https://github.com/recrm/ArchiveTools https://pypi.org/project/warc/0.2.1/ If anyone finds an easier alternative please post it for the love of god.
  28. RaTcHeT302

    Wargames: Defcon1

    The Iso Zone used to have it. https://web.archive.org/web/20180817041119/http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/pc/windows-games/wargames-pc-iso/ This website was full of games, it's depressing. WhiteOut I'll check the archive, see if I can find it. http://archive.fart.website/archivebot/viewer/job/4xhvb I'm posting links because this shit is impossible to find. I'll lose them otherwise if I keep them to myself. There's also Atrox, the StarCraft Korean clone. I played it, it was... ehhh.. but if anyone wants it, it's likely in that archive.
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