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  2. I completely agree, I'm not even subscribed to ross!
  3. No I won't subscribe, and nothing you can say or do can make me.
  4. No, I don't think any life support machine has the network connectivity required to host this forum. Should I edit this question?
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  6. Tobin


    I think calling it an "experience", as other comments have, is a little pretentious... but not inaccurate. This game doesn't require fast reflexes, though there are a few sections where you do need to react quickly to grab the (optional) collectibles. Some precision is helpful to bypass obstacles in the later parts of the game, though your punishment if you fail is just some wasted time. On that note, I found the controls adequate, though this game doesn't have universal controller support. I had to resort to using x360ce to use mine. The puzzles are quite simple. There are two sets of collectibles: the shells and the life pools. Getting them all without a walkthrough is very doable, but you must explore thoroughly. You can't die. You can't fail. There is no time limit. There is, as far as I know, no way to hard-lock nor soft-lock this game. You just figure out how to open the path ahead and proceed, until you get to the end. This is a beautiful, artistic game. It's something to be enjoyed on a calm day or evening, while sipping on your drink of choice. It is very relaxing, and I found it very rewarding. If, however, you're looking for challenge or excitement, this is not it. There is definitely replay value if you haven't gotten all the collectibles, if you just want to explore some more, or if you just need something mildly interactive to relax with. There is a chapter select available once the game is done, so you can return to whichever section you like. I rate this game very highly.
  7. Nope You think the forums is on life support?
  8. I do not think so. Though I do think he was prepared for it anyways. Anyone here have a question?
  9. I don't see how Earthsiege could be sued over anything, as they had entirely unique HERC designs so that they couldn't be sued back when the original Mechwarrior game was their only competition...
  10. Woah_G!

    Q & A Thread

    I'm pretty good thx Do you think Ross predicted this?
  11. Very much an "on-rails" type of gameplay. You are led to each area and objective, complete it, then move on. Not much in the realm of choices. Some light puzzles. Low replay value. At about 2 hours to complete, it's basically an interactive movie. Wonderful visuals, though. Good atmosphere and a constant feeling of tension and danger at sweet-spot levels. Careful exploration adds to the story and gives you more immersion, but doesn't affect the ultimate outcome. A decent story, although the twist can be seen coming a mile away by savvy players. The characters come alive the more you dig into their logs and personal effects. Each one has their own story. In the end, you are an observer. Your mission is to assess and report, not to help, and that is exactly what you end up doing. I liked it, but only at a $10 or lower price tag; it's not worth more than a Tuesday night movie ticket
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  13. Some games can be played without client (you just go into steamapps directory and run them from there) and it should be possible to use fake client as well, so backing up your Steam games is very possible. https://steam.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_DRM-free_games edit: Interesting – looking at this list I found out that Dust: An Elysian Tail can be played DRM-free on Linux, but not on Windows.
  14. Mira


    It's a game jam game, so you shouldn't expect too much of it. It's definitely foreboding but as far as I could tell it doesn't really put you in any danger; it's really just a fetch quest that you can beat in less than 30 minutes. Objectively speaking I guess there may not be that much to the story either although I found it interesting enough because it's centred around a topic that happens to touch me personally.
  15. Rekkn_


    Also available on gog for those interested.
  16. Considering the legal issues HBS and Piranha games had with Harmony Gold it's not surprising to me they didn't touched those IPs, don't know much about these titles tbh but from the images that I've seen, Earthsige alone would be easily sued by them if they ever tried to bring those mechs back. In positive news, there is a game called M.A.S.S. Builder which is pretty fun to play as well, it's not a Armored Core or Battletech by any means (more gundam then anything really) but it's really well made and the developers are VERY professional with their work giving consistent updates and even responding to most questions in their Discord Server, totally recommend even in it's Early Access state, if it's not known I'll post in the other thread (Games you bought recently) with a little bit more detail.
  17. Rekkn_


    Super fun game and would recommend. I do want to point out that after the credits roll there is nothing. If you load up your finished save file it just rolls the credits again.
  18. It's sad that most of the good IPs ended up in the hands of companies that make such poor decisions with them. Kinda like the Earthsiege/Cyberstorm/Tribes IP being exclusive to Hi-Rez Studios, but they've never touched on the Earthsiege or Cyberstorm side of it. (and kinda messed up the Tribes side too)
  19. Why are all of you still commenting? I'm obviously going to win.
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