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Freeman’s Mind returns, again! I never meant for there to be this long a delay between this episode and the last one. If I had never made the “Games as a service” video, there would have been more out by now, but that felt like a necessary detour for me. There will still be more developments on that later, but I felt like getting the larger issue made more public was a more time-sensitive thing for me.

I ran into new errors I’ve never seen before in Source in this episode; I’m hoping they go away after this one. It’s a reminder why I don’t plan on doing anything else besides FM2 in the Source engine. This episode I think is the second-longest one also, just by coincidence. There’s also something that happens in the episode that wasn’t planned at all, but it was a great addition, so I left it in.

Ross’s Game Dungeon is coming up next, then more Freeman and other videos!

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i just found this series and i'm starting to watch this one as well as the first season,

and this is putting my interest back into the half-life fandom

thank you ross scott 👍

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