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Questions for Videochat April 2019

I’ve mostly recovered from being sick! Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on April 7th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.  My sickness skewed production some, but I’ve got some big videos coming for April. This is just a detour, Freeman’s Mind is still coming!  

Also, since the chats have been getting longer and longer, this time I’m trying something new and am only going to answer the top 20 voted questions. After that, I’ll skip the others unless I think they’re pretty good topics + ones from live chat to keep the length of these down a little bit.

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Did everyone switch over to the reddit page instead of using the forums?

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Hell yeah man. I'm glad you're recovering. I'm unsure about what else to comment, but I've been watching Game Dungeon like crazy! Love your stuff. You're truly a gaming archeologist.

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Posted (edited)

I had some free time today and decided to create a visual calendar for the dates and types of videos uploaded to Accursed Farms starting after the end of Freeman's Mind 1 in 2015.

















Whether this has any practical use or not, I figured i'd post it to visualize the time-frames between video releases.



*note: the only calendar year that lines up with the correct days of the week is 2015. All other years were just copy & pasted...


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Posted (edited)


Ross just qui the chat and I missed 4/5 of it for being drunk :cry:


Edit: Gottta watch it  sober or .... shit



EDIT2: AND IT was another 3 hourer 😂:D:D:D


Well shit. Tomorrow lotsa backlog

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