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    Why the hell did Freeman want the G-man to teleport him to Hawaii? As far as he knew, he was still wanted by the U.S Military.
  2. GordonFreeman


    When I saw the video length, I thought it was either going to be a ten minute loop of some dumb garry's mods aimation. Probably Alyx giving the "durrrrrrr" face you see a lot. But nope, it's REEEEEal Only thing I'm disappointed with is the fact that he didn't recognize Breen. But then again, it was a massive facility. Maybe even the big shot physicists never met the boss.
  3. GordonFreeman

    UT2004 Session March 2017

    Here's that list, that I wanted. I got it for anyone else who wants it. It seems like the only maps that arent available from the Steam copy of the game that this server uses are aridoom and ascendancy frostbite islandhop primeval redplanet severance torlan tricky urban adara articstronghold aridoom ascendancy crossfire dawn dria It takes literally 25 minutes to download 21MB via the in-game system so I highly recommend you do download them from a site.
  4. GordonFreeman

    UT2004 Session March 2017

    Hey Ross, could you do me a solid and list the maps that the server rotates with? Downloading the maps in-game takes forever, but just finding and adding them manually times less than a minute each.
  5. GordonFreeman

    UT2004 Session Info

    I cant believe I missed this- I had all the time in the world. Please play UT2k4 again?
  6. GordonFreeman

    Episode running late

    Groundhog Day's my birthday, Ross. I love seeing videos on my birthday from my favorite content producers, it really does feel like a gift. But of course, if you can't put it out by then that's okay.
  7. GordonFreeman

    Questions for November Video Chat

    Ross, I recently played The Division, and I shot an NPC (human) in the head, and he didn't die. This isn't unique to Division, but does that tick you off as it does me? It kinda takes me out of the game because face it, a M16 bullet to the face kills almost anything.
  8. GordonFreeman

    October 2016 Update

    Image taken of Ross sanitizing his room:
  9. GordonFreeman


    Are you going to Game Dungeon Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines sometime?
  10. GordonFreeman

    Questions for September videochat

    Ross: Does it make any sense to allow your fans to "Crowdfund" stuff that they want (FM Season 2, CP, etc), while you're working on the movie? Or does that not makes sense because money wouldn't make the movie/FM2/etc go faster? PS: did you confirm a game dungeon on Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines at some point in the distant future, or was that someone else?
  11. GordonFreeman


    Did you say you'd do Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines at some point? Or am i wrong?
  12. GordonFreeman


    Ross, are you also looking for game reviews for VorpX, maybe stuff you don't have? Grand Theft Auto V is a bronze rating at the very best, "garbage" at the worst. I was playing the game with a PS4 controller, and there were already a lot of issues. For one, you still have to put the settings WAY down to get a good framerate. For another thing, they fucked up the movement. I think the idea is you look where you want to go, and them move the walk (left) stick? But it wasn't working properly. 3rd nail in the coffin: their idea of immersion is to just put a random gun model on the screen when you have one out. It feels like a light gun game. The cursor does not seem to match up with the screen at all. Also, the model is a pistol no matter what gun you have out. FINAL NAIL: you cannot punch people, or drive ANYTHING. The car disappears, and the person disappears. Frankly, I don't know if this can even be considered BRONZE. My specs are the new NVIDIA GeForce 1080 (8 gigs of VRAM), with 16 gigs of "normal" RAM to go with it. The game just doesn't like me. However, i'm rocking the HTC Vive. And I can tell you something, the Vive is unlike anything else I've ever tried. I've used the Oculus DK1 (The first one you were sent), and Vive blows it away completely. Only tried it when it's a VR-made game though. To be fair I've only played that one not-originally-VR game, so I dunno how the Vive works with others. Anyone want to give me suggestions? I'll link my steam library at the bottom. http://imgur.com/a/z3HmU
  13. GordonFreeman


    Srake, he was playing the hard-as-nails version, the original. try that one on for size
  14. GordonFreeman

    Accursed Farms Junk launch + Planetside 2 aftermath

    From what i heard in game chat, an entire group of people signed off together to let Ross's warriors in. Crazy awesome people.
  15. GordonFreeman

    Dead Game News: Episode 2 (Disney Infinity, Project Spark)

    Hey Ross, I fully intend to play with you today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone). I had an idea for a different game you could do maybe once or twice a year. The game is called Rust, created by the creator of Garry's Mod. Now, the criteria that you have for fan games doesn't fit perfectly, but I feel like it could work once or twice. I'm specifically talking about Rust's "legacy" version, as I find it to be a far more interesting game than the Experimental version. 1. Cost: 20$. Ouch. But it's well worth the money, 2. Ease of use: Point and shoot, melee weapons that are basically guns with a centimeter of range, and a VERY easy building interface 3. How many players at once?: This is the big "eeeeeeh". Rust can support up to 200 players at a time and run well. Way less than Planetside 2. My suggestion is host five one-hour games, and only allow someone to join one game at most. So 1000 unique Rossians can be by your side in the world of Rust. If you're interested I'll tell you more about the mechanics and maybe in a few months we can set something up. This is also a "Dead game" thing for me. It seems like all of the community has left or joined Rust Experimental, and Legacy servers that used to be bursting with players are lucky to reach 40 players. It's a wasteland of what was once a thriving community. Seeing a server max out again would really make me happy, and I think that it'd be amazing to create a massive Ross Castle or even make what looks like a mech suit out of wood and metal.
  16. GordonFreeman


    Why -are- shadows the killer of FPS, Ross? Better yet, how is it possible 2002 shadow tech can wreck a machine that can run Crysis? Also, seriously, why is it that older systems work better? Did they put the brakes on it for the time, and create something that could never actually be played? About the whole "Multiplayer having more than single player", a lot of FPS has that nowadays. The regular Call of Duty often does.
  17. GordonFreeman

    Videochat November 2015

    Ross, I'm happy Ricochet 2 will finally see the light of day, even if it takes a year.
  18. GordonFreeman


    Hey! I took a screenshot exactly like that: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047894125/screenshots/?appid=200510&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=imagewall I didnt mean to steal your "style" of bug-eyed xcom soldiers
  19. GordonFreeman


    Here's something where Skyrim fucked up so much, it made something rather beautiful And here's bug-eye McSoldier
  20. "Tune in next week, where we'll go to hell properly! .... sinners!" We're going to play doom again?
  21. GordonFreeman

    Ross's fun-filled Beg-A-Thon!

    I don't really understand how i'm a little baby. I feel kinda offended.
  22. GordonFreeman

    Ross's fun-filled Beg-A-Thon!

    Hey, just a heads up, if you do decide to live-stream, try using some kind of RTMP server. I cannot stand watching Twitch with live commenting when we're all 30 seconds behind you. That's no fun, because everyone's losing their minds about stuff you did 30 seconds ago, not what you're doing now. You could try to get AWS involved- I can get a ridiculously powerful instance for my gaming for about seventy-five cents an hour. Sure, that adds up, but with the same amount of money it would cost to buy a rig that could match that, I could play nonstop for 222 days! (4000/0.75 then divide that by 24 for the number of days)
  23. GordonFreeman

    Ross's fun-filled Beg-A-Thon!

    Ross, can donating decrease my agonizing wait for Ricochet 2 ? Not directly, of course. Also, hot damn! Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, aka the game that you NEVER delete from your hard drive, because of how much bullshit you need to go through to get it to run properly. I dunno if it's as worse as that game you did on the game dungeon (Name escapes me), but since the game is SO DAMN AWESOME once you have the HD patch and whatever mod you want. Oh my gosh, forget thinly veiled agonizing over Freeman's Mind 2. If you can actually run VtMB, I want to see you LP that. It's considerably shorter than Freeman's Mind, and it would be so much fun seeing you roll a Malkavian. Because that sounds right up your alley, with all the crazy people stuff you like.
  24. YT to MP4 isn't too bad, as long as you picked the highest quality button.

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