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  1. GordonFreeman

    Help Make Freeman's Mind HD!

    Ross Scott! What does Shao Khan say about your donate level? It's over NINE THOUSSAAAAAND!
  2. GordonFreeman

    Help Make Freeman's Mind HD!

    Where on earth did you find a deal like that? The cheapest I can find doing a cursory look around is around 500. Errr, my bad. That's what an EXTERNAL SSD costs. Yeah...
  3. GordonFreeman

    Help Make Freeman's Mind HD!

    While I have no problem whatsoever with you getting a lot of money Ross, a 1 Terabyte SSD costs about 100$ in the states. Why couldn't you just ask for donations for THAT and then transfer the money to someone in the States to buy it for you? ... Apart from the trust issues. Another thing- I think I know a Valve game that can have motion blur always-on. Team Fortress 2 seems to always do it if you set that setting. PS: I love the Shao Khan sprite in that image.
  4. GordonFreeman


    I'm glad you didnt rush that final alien battle before you meet the shotgun guy.
  5. GordonFreeman

    Gorilla Gong Promo + Server Nuke!

    FREEMAN'S MIND: EPISO.....BZZZT Error 482: Somebody shot the server with a 12-Gauge. Please contact your Administrator.
  6. GordonFreeman

    Quick December Update

  7. GordonFreeman

    Quick DOTA 2 update

    I was riiiiiight
  8. GordonFreeman

    Quick DOTA 2 update

    Are you sure this wasnt a troll message by someone else pretending to be valve? Since your pack is still up there.
  9. GordonFreeman

    Quick November Update

    Ross, FM does not take precedence over your goddamned health! ... Are we going to hear sick and tired Freeman? i dont know if that sounds good
  10. Jewelry store heist In real life/ Notice how eerily similar they are?
  11. GordonFreeman

    This is interesting(Jewelry store robbery)

    The point is they smashed the cases, came in guns out, and with a truck.
  12. GordonFreeman


    It's funny, in the end part with the rubble collapsing, I always thought you had to beat the rubble... somehow, and escape out the door before it stopped. Which worked, so I guess *shrug*
  13. GordonFreeman


    Only one thing to do You saw it coming
  14. GordonFreeman

    Ross's Game Dungeon: CarnEvil

    Ross, the cool thing here is this game isnt obscure yet. I searched youtube for it and I have found 3 LPS other than yours of carnevil. Also since warner brothers bought out Midway and turned it into Netherrealm Studio's, does that mean Warner Bros. owns CarnEvil?
  15. GordonFreeman


    Aww. Google Notifier punked me again. I don't mind since I kinda knew it this time. Keep up the good work (Was going to do the vader thing again, but A: It's not funny the second time if it ever was, and B: I honestly didn't expect FM considering what Ross said). Just wondering: Is there a way to subscribe only to FM updates on the RSS feed?
  16. GordonFreeman


    I promise to make FM the next video that comes out after Halloween. Considering this was a "whine" post and I had already done that stupid bullshit with RP I am surprised you're actually replying to me. Especially since your girlfriend seems to think i'm dirt or some shit.
  17. GordonFreeman


    Question: How did you progress after the Marine tosses the satchel and you run to the pool? I seem to remember he just opened up the door after doing so, and you got to shoot him and progress.
  18. GordonFreeman


    Desktop Gmail Notifier flashes at me. Clicks on the little button. Sees it is from Accursed Farms (And the subject line is cut off after "HO" In home of...). Crosses fingers, clicks on "Go to inbox". Is not Freeman's Mind 50. My Reaction:
  19. GordonFreeman

    Gorilla Gong!

    i just want to say i'm sorry i got everyone all confused. I only meant to make a joke that even I now see made no sense. Sorry... And no the original point was not to waste time.
  20. GordonFreeman

    Gorilla Gong!

    Dude, I'm not complaining if your own work is on your own website. It's just that i'm not sure if we want to be showing off this stuff film to the world just yet. Needs some editing.
  21. GordonFreeman

    Gorilla Gong!

    I find it amusing you are advertizing our snuff film on your legitimate video sharing site. (I've made it out in "In-character" posts that this whole thing is a snuff film. And somebody posted Freeman's mind episode 1)
  22. GordonFreeman

    Stranger In Need Re-released

    So did "Stranger" drive away first?
  23. GordonFreeman

    College Radio Interview

    Well There were no telephones avilable at home at that time... Because of me Dear HlPrincess. Who is hotter, you or Alyx?
  24. GordonFreeman

    Downloadable Copy Release?

    John: www.keepvid.com Copy in the url into the search, choose your quality and boom. Downloadable from youtube.
  25. GordonFreeman


    I gotta say, If I were the freeman I wouldnt have messed with the helicopter and wasted rockets.

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