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  1. GordonFreeman

    Funding Freeman's Mind through Subbable?

    So it's basically a kickstarter clone?
  2. GordonFreeman

    Freeman coming to DOTA 2 (maybe)

    FIRST Edit: I've never really gotten into DOTA2. So this is the brand-spanking side project? Well... I suppose I cant be upset cause you didnt say what it was going to be, but I was hoping for freeman mind side project, like maybe as other people have said, freeman contacting the military.
  3. GordonFreeman

    Freeman's Mind gun sounds

    The vote is already done, damnit. I have to stop using my replacement guns and use those crappy models I used to use. Well, It's better than being set in an arena with a bunch of psychos carrying nothing but sharp bits and blunt bits (Manhunt). OOC: Honestly, I found that all incredibly frusterating. I refreshed that poll a lot, hoping my side (keep the new sound effs) would win. They did win but not by enough apparently. EDIT: Holy crap Ross is looking at the thread. Hi Ross!
  4. GordonFreeman

    Side project related to Freeman's Mind, eh?

    Aww man! I really wanted the radio one to be true.
  5. GordonFreeman

    Is it possible?

    He uses half life source, what're you talkin' about.
  6. GordonFreeman

    Freeman's Mind gun sounds

    When you put it like that, you almost make it sound like there shouldn't be any exploration or deviation from linear paths in FPS games. No wonder people still cling mercilessly to DooM... I didn't say it, the devs of Black Mesa did. If you're in a REAL military base, or military research facility, there are no superfluous rooms, and everything is clearly labeled... Exits are easy to reach with fairly direct routes... Even with the redesign, they still left as much of the original as they could while having it still make at lest some sense. (like no box smashing room because that would NEVER be made IRL, but the round-about way you have to go through the computer server room is possible) Um, I remember the box-smashing room from my playthrough.
  7. GordonFreeman

    The progress bar shall return.

    No, you were right. He's gunna skip over episode 48 right to 49, including a skip over what would have happened in 48. Something really crazy will have happened, and he will allude to a lot in the episodes afterward, about how insane and crazy it was, but we will never know what happened. It will be hilarious and frustrating. Lol, where did you find that out? Did ye know that the word "Gullible" isn't in the dictionary?
  8. GordonFreeman

    Freeman's Mind gun sounds

    Ross. You made the community vote on something and then you decide that it's not an option to go with the one that has more votes. Shame. .... But I'll still be watching, so...
  9. GordonFreeman

    Freeman's Mind gun sounds

    yeah, you're right. There is clearly no majority. What does that mean?
  10. GordonFreeman

    "The List" - (Freeman's Killcount)

    Its up to date.
  11. GordonFreeman

    Freeman's Mind gun sounds

    It's a dead tie. Wow. -still-, a dead tie.
  12. GordonFreeman

    Freeman's Mind gun sounds

    It's funny: The score right now is a dead tie between yes and no. 760/760
  13. GordonFreeman

    Freeman's Mind gun sounds

    Think that was meant just for your opinion- that you dont care. So it's all cool i think.
  14. GordonFreeman

    Freeman's Mind gun sounds

    I like the new sounds.
  15. GordonFreeman

    FM Ponified

  16. GordonFreeman

    FM Ponified

    .... My gosh. You click on a thread that says "FM PONIFIED" and you dont expect ponies. Why?
  17. GordonFreeman

    New Old Interview

    I dont know morse code. "Shoots computer." Uh.. oops.
  18. GordonFreeman


    Whew! Gimme a break kid, I'm trying to get back into action- i've been sitting down on my damn couch eating sammiches for the better part of a year! (IC) (OOC): He said 2 weeks, not one.
  19. GordonFreeman


    Dont understand how that's worse for middle finger. You have an even half of your fingers with an even number. But after he shot the snotmonster, he did remember somethings, but not everything. Again, he doesnt know why the army wants to kill him.
  20. GordonFreeman

    Late May News

    Question, Ross. Since you are no longer in their control whatsoever, why cant you talk about it?
  21. GordonFreeman


    Also, I noticed a continuity error. That sniper from right before the missile launch was pre-knockout. He remember the aliens, but he thinks they might be demons or something, right? And he doesnt know why everyone's trying to kill him (although he doesnt care.) So, he'd really remember a sniper, when he didnt remember the drum machine alien? (He commented on the single tentacle as "It's something horrible!" Great episode so far (only 3 minutes in!)
  22. GordonFreeman


    I assume the thing that didnt happen was
  23. GordonFreeman

    Effort to get New Info as Top Comments in old vids?

    What I'm saying is that a lot of the time, top comments are either the last word of Youtube comment wars, or nonsense, or viruses. I'm just not sure as many people will look at it.
  24. GordonFreeman

    Attorney Wanted

    My mum's an attorney, she says you need to find someone in your state who handles intellectual property law.
  25. GordonFreeman

    Effort to get New Info as Top Comments in old vids?

    Really... I dont think we really should do that. Top comments are usually retarded... people dont usually look at them.

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