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  1. People, on average, are completely average. I agree with you that our collective intelligence carries far more weight than the intelligence of a single genius, 100 men have the power to do far more than Stephen Hawking
  2. I love this series, it's good to hear your voice regularly, On a side note, have you thought of going on the co-optional podcast (run by TotalBiscuit)? And perhaps do a bit of promoting for the game dungeon. I'm sure you'd be an amazing guest too.
  3. The US is terrible at trying to be Imperialist.
  4. Her arguments aren't well thought out and her observations are very shallow. She only got attention because of the backlash towards her kickstarter and it's the only reason she has a league of white knights defending her Kickstarter cashgrab, in fact it's the only reason she has an audience at all.
  5. Turtle beach are plastic crap, Steel Series are pretty good. I haven't used those Razer headphones but as a rule I don't trust the company.
  6. Axeldeath


    The same thing happened here, the Labour party opened the floodgates to Asian immigration with the promise our way of life wouldn't change. Now we have Asian ministers, an Asian population bigger than the native Maori population, our biggest city having more immigrants living in it than natural citizens, the end of our economic ties with the United Kingdom in favour of the Chinese and a growing Republican movement. They want to remove our Queen for fuck's sake. That's not even mentioning Polynesian immigration which has turned entire sections of Auckland into crime-ridden ghettos (see South Auckland) Welcome to the Western civilization in 2013
  7. What is with these stupid console names, seriously, the Wii U? The X-bone? The Ooh Ya? The only one that sounds reasonable is the Playstation 4.
  8. One of these things is not like the other.
  9. Axeldeath


    He's Swedish, they're pretty much the same thing.
  10. From the dates in which the games take place, I think you've got that backwards. The tears are through time as well, that's why you can occasionally hear music from the 80's and 90's thoguh tears and stuff like that. Did you not listen to the audio logs?
  11. Axeldeath

    Europe war

    You guys could use a map like this, just a suggestion. It's a Risk map, I'd start a game but I wouldn't know how dice rolls could be done.
  12. China has fuck all nukes, France and the UK have more than them. And they're nothing compared to the USA and Russia.
  13. The upgraded Charge vigor came in real handy for those fights. You can usually take her out before the enemies can touch your life bar... I saved most of my money for reviving so I didn't get booted back to a checkpoint, I got a couple of gun upgrades and one upgrade on the Return To Sender vigour so there's no going back now.
  14. Axeldeath


    I can't stand people that pretend to be tolerant but are actually intolerant of everyone that doesn't follow their ideology. People influenced by American liberal politics are the absolute worst.
  15. Syria better prepare itself to get completely fucked up by NATO. I doubt the USA will even have boots on the ground for this one, this'll be an all out drone war.
  16. I'm sure you would also find it a bloody big tragedy, were you to be one of the few thousand... Anyway, in the Soviet Union it was common to think that we were just a couple of days away from the invasion of Japan when the US dropped the bombs and that the US have done that specifically to preempt Stalin from hitting Japan and showing the US "how it's done!" You see - every nation likes to brag about victories they woulda, coulda, shoulda have won if not for this or that.... Regards But the USSR was only a few days from invading Japan. If it was for America there would have been a major landgrab.
  17. Bloody Chechen's, at least the US and Russia can bond over something now.
  18. Axeldeath


    I dunno man, maybe it's because the US cares more about American's than some arabs in a war-torn country thousands of kilometres away.
  19. Played up to that shitty Lady Comstock ghost bullshit on 1999 mode. Annoyed me so much I don't even care about the ending any more.
  20. Absolutely pathetic. well, absolutely nothing in regards to North Korea has happened today. what a dud. http://www.thecivilian.co.nz/north-korea-threatens-to-kill-nicolas-cage/
  21. http://www.thecivilian.co.nz/north-korea-threatens-new-zealand-with-nuclear-strike-nothing-we-can-do-says-key/
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