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  1. W H Y A R E W E Y E L L I N G W I T H S O L I T T L E M O N E Y ? !
  2. If you're curious as to what caused a gaming company downfall, or a franchise, Youtuber Matt McMuscles has you covered. (Spoiler alert: It's mostly the publishers being shitheads).
  3. Do you have any proof of this? Oh no, someone likes a show and recommends it to others to watch, oh the horror. What will we ever do? look, if you don't like something, cool, more power to you. Just don't shit all over it, or those who like it. You come off as a complete ass and/or a troll.
  4. Heavy: Yes (Sandwich). I am dead!
  5. Engineer: Chuckling, while spy is doing the conga towards the scene (The Engineer says "aw, shucks” as the Spy gets close.)
  6. Heavy: Ya-da-da-da-da-da- It is good day to be not dead!
  7. Me when something else bad happens in 2020:
  8. He already has, but at the same time, he will.
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