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  1. As an Anti-Brony, I suggest we be Browncoats and we all have our avatars wear this hat: How can something be "exceedingly off-topic" in FREE-FOR-ALL, an area were EVERYTHING is off-topic?!
  2. Banned for being obsessed with MLP:FIM.
  3. banned for resetting the ban count.
  4. Banned for getting trademark and copyright confused.
  5. Banned for keeping track of who bans whom and what for.
  6. So we all know that one third plus two thirds equals three thirds or one, but if we look at one third and turn it into a decimal then we get .3333333333333 repeating. Now if we do the same to two thirds we get .66666666 repeating. Now 3 plus 6 equals 9, so .333333333 plus .666666666 equals .999999999, not 1, how's this possible?
  7. Banned for not copyrighting your reason.©
  8. Ugh, a point and click game, not a huge fan of 'em, being which, last post on this topic.
  9. Who needs wheels when you've got the hovercraft Mule from Firefly/Serenity
  10. [ban]Banned for being able to shoot the HL2 pistol very fast.[/ban]
  11. Anyone else notice the sprite on the progress bar?
  12. Banned for reminding me of that horrible sequel.
  13. Did you know that "Psychotic Ninja" backwards is "ajniN citohcysP"?
  14. look at you soaring majestically through the air like an eagle piloting a blimp
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