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  1. Hokay, so Final Fantasy 10 has some annoyingly difficult sidequests to get the party member's Sigils, to power up their Ultima Weapons. One of the more well known, and hated of them is Catcher Chocobo. Basically, you and the AI are racing. The race is short, your goal is to beat it in under 45 seconds. Simple enough really. However, to make things interesting, birds are flying at you and the AI Trainer (don't ask, just accept your fate). A lot of people think the birds are random. This is half true. There's some patterns involved, and they alternate for homing after you and the Trainer. There's also balloons for the two of you to collect. Again, a lot of people think the balloon placement is random, and again, this is half true. There are set patterns. Now, the real important part: You want to collect as many balloons as possible (depending on the setup, and your skill, the first 5-6 are essentially a freebee). Every balloon you collect will lower your final time by 3, and every bird hit, will add 3 seconds to your final time (plus you're stunned for about 2 seconds). So, for example, let's say your final time is 40 seconds, you hit 5 birds, and collected 10 balloons, your new time will be 25 seconds. Congrats, you have enough to get Tidus's Ultima Weapon. Now, to get his sigil, your final time needs to be below 0h:00m:0s Most people who are crazy enough to go for this sidequest, will wait for post game. This playthrough, I decided to get it ASAP, and I did. Not only that, but the run where I finally did, I had a shit start (missed all the freebee balloons) but I made it up by getting 12 balloons and dodging every bird.
  2. First of all, the speedrun is done by multiple people. Second of all, like I said the health is done via an exploit. Everything demonstrated is done via exploits, as is common with speedrunning. 3:30 for a boosted grenade jump This is for the insane amount of health. Short version: Get stuck at a certain door using a specific method, you get a huge ass boost. Take enough damage and your health will read 0, but it'll quickly bounce up, as it's not really at 0, the game just doesn't know how to properly read your health. As for the grenades, I honestly can't say. However, seeing as everything else is done via glitches and/or exploits, I'd say it's safe to assume the same is done here. Finally, the bunnyhopping, I'm just going off a blind guess here and assume you mean the insane speeds done, and again, exploits. With the Source Engine, people are capable of doing some very insane bhops. Maybe you should learn a bit more about speedrunning before you accuse a group of people doing a dumb fun segmented speedrun by cheating their way.
  3. You'd have to outpost me first.
  4. The best part of this is actual speedrun strats are used.
  5. No cheats, exploits. No amplified physics. It's done on a modded HL that allows you to play the levels in reverse.
  6. My Neighbor Totoro gets four Soot Sprites out of four
  7. Gets to Nihilanth Gordon: "Oh shit, forgot my helmet at work, be right back" Oh shit, forgot my helmet at work, be right back
  8. And the Kingdom Hearts series an amazing series that blends Final Fantasy and Disney in an amazing way.
  9. Other than that Oney Plays, I see nothing wrong here.
  10. There is, it's called Small Soldiers
  11. What's worse is the game is rated E/Pegi 3+.
  12. Too much basketball in my Casino Simulator.
  13. Mature conversation on whether or not an Early Access game is a scam or not Throw insults at people with a different opinion than yours and calling them a kid
  14. I've got nothing, I just wanted to increase my post count by 1.
  15. No one's being mean here. One guy claims he has issues with the game, without providing proof of his complaints. Two people are trying to help him out. Personally speaking, I have no interest in Kerbal, but I'm excited for those who are excited for the sequel. I'll also say, the default control scheme does come off as needlessly complicated, however I'm sure one could get used to the controls if they really tried.
  16. Peace is nice, peace is nice, peace is better than chicken + rice.
  17. I'mma cheat here and use a Youtube video that contains two words:
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