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  1. Mother, we won't eat cake with a technological donkey, she takes a ton of coke to have you.
  2. That was a funny one Today I had a Maths exam, and while I didn't dream anything special, I remembered once I spent a lot of hours studying Maths (which is quite unusual for me) and ended up actually dreaming with it. The weird part is that it actually made sense, there were actual functions and numers written properly like f(x)=2x^2 and square roots and everything. It wasn't like I was solving the equations in a dream, it was more like visualizing them while I sleep.
  3. Do you mean that it was not for sensitive minds or that you had to change underwear when you woke up? Both?
  4. Its not overheating. This is why I didn't want to talk about it, I'm not looking for help Thanks anyway. And as I said, I never said it was HP's fault that the hardware fault, they just sent my laptop back without repairing it.
  5. I think my dreams are sort of back to normal. By that I mean back to non sense, because I stopped having incredibly realistic and detailed dreams, and went back to having insane ones. I dreamed I had teleknesis, it was pretty awesome, but it wasn't very strong. Then my Portuguese teacher from last year shows up in my house with a french fry in her hand, with and expression on her face that made me realise that she wanted to know where the rest of the fries were. I pointed at the table where I was suddenly eating a lot of french fries and then she turned around my house to come for them. I then left and started playing with my superpower, and this part was actually incredibly realistic, because I could only barely control these powers, and they worked better on stuff that was underwater (stuff that is uderwater is easier to lift IRL, so I was pretty surprised that the dream worked that way when I woke up). I kept using my powers and started to control them very well. Then there something happened but its really foggy, something about my uncle dressed as if he were a priest (he's not IRL, but he teaches sunday school or whatever its called in english) and he did some kind of ritual. Can't really remember what that was about. Unfortunately, that wasn't a lucid dream, so I was really disapointed when I woke up and didn't have my powers
  6. This doesn't disturb you?
  7. I don't wanna talk about it, I'm too depressed. The CPU drops to 0% every once in a while (many onces in a while) and that makes games barely playable and other aplications really annoying to use, because the whole system stops for a second. I think it is a motherboard problem, that is quite common in this and other HP laptop models. But I don't wanna open up the laptop and void the warranty.
  8. If it's hardware, then it isn't HP's fault. If it's HP's fault, then it's a software problem. I mean fuck HP because my laptop went to repair and they returned it with the same problem. Fuck HP.
  9. If it was a software issue I would have fixed it long ago. But it isn't, so.
  10. Fuck you, HP. Bought Portal 2, full price. But my fucking laptop keeps freezing, and I sent it to repair, but they gave it back to me in the same state. Fuck you, HP. Now I'll only be able to play in months. Fuck you, HP. PS: Fuck you, HP.
  11. Oranje juice. I'm sort of picky with sweet stuff, for some reason (I eat all sort of gross stuff, but its the sweet stuff thats hard for me to like now), so I mostly drink water, because there isn't always orange juice.
  12. Damn, i firgot to post this here :/
  13. I have been death situations hundreds of times in dreams, it always sucks but I always wake up in real life. I guess you can say that I also wake up in hell, in a way.
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