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  1. Mother, we won't eat cake with a technological donkey, she takes a ton of coke to have you.
  2. That was a funny one Today I had a Maths exam, and while I didn't dream anything special, I remembered once I spent a lot of hours studying Maths (which is quite unusual for me) and ended up actually dreaming with it. The weird part is that it actually made sense, there were actual functions and numers written properly like f(x)=2x^2 and square roots and everything. It wasn't like I was solving the equations in a dream, it was more like visualizing them while I sleep.
  3. Do you mean that it was not for sensitive minds or that you had to change underwear when you woke up? Both?
  4. Its not overheating. This is why I didn't want to talk about it, I'm not looking for help Thanks anyway. And as I said, I never said it was HP's fault that the hardware fault, they just sent my laptop back without repairing it.
  5. I think my dreams are sort of back to normal. By that I mean back to non sense, because I stopped having incredibly realistic and detailed dreams, and went back to having insane ones. I dreamed I had teleknesis, it was pretty awesome, but it wasn't very strong. Then my Portuguese teacher from last year shows up in my house with a french fry in her hand, with and expression on her face that made me realise that she wanted to know where the rest of the fries were. I pointed at the table where I was suddenly eating a lot of french fries and then she turned around my house to come for them. I then left and started playing with my superpower, and this part was actually incredibly realistic, because I could only barely control these powers, and they worked better on stuff that was underwater (stuff that is uderwater is easier to lift IRL, so I was pretty surprised that the dream worked that way when I woke up). I kept using my powers and started to control them very well. Then there something happened but its really foggy, something about my uncle dressed as if he were a priest (he's not IRL, but he teaches sunday school or whatever its called in english) and he did some kind of ritual. Can't really remember what that was about. Unfortunately, that wasn't a lucid dream, so I was really disapointed when I woke up and didn't have my powers
  6. This doesn't disturb you?
  7. I don't wanna talk about it, I'm too depressed. The CPU drops to 0% every once in a while (many onces in a while) and that makes games barely playable and other aplications really annoying to use, because the whole system stops for a second. I think it is a motherboard problem, that is quite common in this and other HP laptop models. But I don't wanna open up the laptop and void the warranty.
  8. If it's hardware, then it isn't HP's fault. If it's HP's fault, then it's a software problem. I mean fuck HP because my laptop went to repair and they returned it with the same problem. Fuck HP.
  9. If it was a software issue I would have fixed it long ago. But it isn't, so.
  10. Fuck you, HP. Bought Portal 2, full price. But my fucking laptop keeps freezing, and I sent it to repair, but they gave it back to me in the same state. Fuck you, HP. Now I'll only be able to play in months. Fuck you, HP. PS: Fuck you, HP.
  11. Oranje juice. I'm sort of picky with sweet stuff, for some reason (I eat all sort of gross stuff, but its the sweet stuff thats hard for me to like now), so I mostly drink water, because there isn't always orange juice.
  12. Damn, i firgot to post this here :/
  13. I have been death situations hundreds of times in dreams, it always sucks but I always wake up in real life. I guess you can say that I also wake up in hell, in a way.
  14. I thought it was impossible to die in dreams I had two dreams last night. One of them was even more of a mind fuck that usual. It was a TV commercial for a product I made up, apparently. But it's not like I was watching a commercial in the dream, the dream itself was the commercial. It actually made more sense than most dreams I had. Also, I was one of the characters in the commercial. There are three people in the super market, on the line to pay, and we all have these big cookies, about the size of a baguette, and rectangular shape. The cookies have chocolate chips inside, its like a big cookie pillow with a lot of chocolate chips inside. They were obviously inspired by this, which you probably don't know: http://www.comercialbilbao.org/doc/es-pack-chocoflakes-ok-copiar.jpg Tasted exactly the same. So I was eating one of those big cookies, and I had the big sized one. My boss was in the line too, and he had the medium sized one. And there was some one else there, who was a level under me in my job. (note: in real life I don't have a boss, in fact, I don't have a job at all). So what happens is that has I have the largest cookie, mine makes a louder noise when I'm eating, so I look me boss in the eye as we both eat and he starts to get scared. As we do this competition, I can here the voice-over saying some stuff I can't remember, at the same time as some creepy music, which oddly I can remember perfectly. The point was that by eating the largest cookie I was stronger than my boss and was not afraid of him anymore. And we were eating it on the line to pay for that stuff, which is weird. Also, a few days ago I dreamed a short movie. I remember waking up kinda happy about my creativity but I forgot it a few minutes later. All I remember was that it was raining -.-
  15. Happens to me all the time too. Incredibly annoying. I remember dreaming that I looked at my alarm clock and saw that I was late, then woke up and it was the time I saw in the dream, down to the same minutes. But it's possible that I just somehow looked at the alarm clock while sleeping. I say this because most of the time dreams are influenced by external factors. For instance, when I fall asleep in front of the TV, I usually have dreams with the sound and lines of whats playing on TV, but in a completely non sense setting, and with different characters. Also, I just LMAO'd when I read about the white guy who dreamed he was a black wooman with a husband.
  16. The best way to star having lucid dreams is by checking if you're dreaming all the time while you're awake. I just hurt myself or pinch myself and if it doesn't hurt it's because I'm dreaming. There are other methods like biting youre tounge or something but I don't know how those work for sure. Basically, after you start regularly checking if youre dreaming, even if you're sure you're awake, you'll start doing it in your dreams too, and that's what triggers the lucid dream. For the lucid dreamers here, do you guys have like super powers or ability to create / destroy / change stuff? I can only recall being able to do this once in my entire life, and it was to make some girl's boobs bigger. Best. Wet dream. Ever. But usually I try to close my eyes and make stuff appear or disapear in lucid dreams, and it never works...
  17. Wow, if I didn't come to this topic I would have never remembered today's dream. It was about Half-Life. Me and two friends of mine (actually, a friend and my cousin) were sort of playing Half Life 2, except it was reality. But at the same time it wasn't, because we had installed a mod that made everything incredibly difficult, and we were supposed to attack the combine, who had much better technology in this mod. Almost all of them had some incredibly fast rocket launchers, and some had weird white mini-guns. I tried to go to the menu (even though I wasn't sitting in front of a computer) and lower the difficulty, but it didn't because of the mod. So we didn't fight them at all, we just ran like fuck. After runing for a while, and passing through some real life landmarks near my house, we end up in what looked like the desert levels in Half-Life 1, and the game says that we lost for leaving the area. We look back and see the combine retreating. It was a pretty good dream. Weird that I dreamed about Half Life, as I haven't played it in a relatively long time, and nowadays I only dream about something that I do a lot in that day. For instance, I dreamed about Chrono Trigger yesterday, after playing it for about 10 hours. I also had some wild dreams when I was younger. I remember one where I was being chased by bad guys, and then I didn't notice that they had planted a bomb on the floor, I stepped in it and it exploded and I turned in to some kind of transparent blue sticky substance and was blasted on the wall. Not a cool dream.
  18. I've been calling it Accursed Forums since the beggining.
  19. I wonder if I'm the first person to notice this :/
  20. So I was playing Dragon Age II, and there was this merchant, I think in the Gallows, that was selling a staff called "Free Man's Staff", made of "Red Steel". Easter egg? Didn't feel like taking a screenshot, but found one online. I think the website was in Mandarin, so not sure if it says anything about the easter egg:
  21. Kind of disappointing. Told myself not to expect much, and started watching with an open mind. But the ending didn't feel like an ending at all, I thought the credits were a joke. First thing I thought was "well, now all I have to do is wait for the sequel", and now I see that "there's no way in hell that will happen under current production methods". I understand, but it will feel kinda weird watching a new episode where they act like nothing happened. But don't get me wrong, I only didn't like the way it seemed to end prematurely, because the episode itself felt very good, loved the music and the atmosphere, I was very interested in the story, it just didn't have an ending. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next one
  22. I wouldn't say Okami has great graphics, but they are certainly unique and stylish. You could say the same about Tron really. It may not look nice, but at least there's nothing that looks quite like it. You have to take in to account the hardware capabilities. It's true that at the time Okami was launched, there were a lot of much more advanced games out there, but not on the PS2. Okami pretty much uses every drop of performance the PS2's hardware can give. Not like Gof of War & God of War II, probably, but still makes an excellent use of the at the time limited hardware.
  23. You're gonna have to beat the -100 I had for a while The disabled search is really annoying for me, it is actually the reason why I have nearly stopped participating in the forums. Don't really feel like going through all the sections to see if theres something interesting (used to click the "View New Posts" link).
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